The cost of raising a child in Beijing

raise a child in Beijing costNow everybody says there is no happiness, everyone is anxious, saying the pressure is high. In fact, the pressure is nothing more than two things, one is that the house is too expensive, the other is the child’s education costs are too high. So how much money will it take to raise a child in China?  Some estimate that raising a child until he graduated from college takes at least 500,000—1,300,000 Yuan. If study abroad, at least 2 millions. At first-tier cities like Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou, people have to spend more money. So how much money will a family spend to raise a child in Beijing? let`s calculate this in details.

1.pregnancy period: 10500 Yuan

Pregnancy examination, B-, drugs, etc., around 1500Yuan

chicken, fruits and other nutritional supplements, etc., 4,000 Yuan.

Radiation-proof clothes and maternity dress, about 2,000 Yuan.

Beijingordinary maternity hospital natural labour fee, about 3,000. If for caesarean birth, then the cost range from 8,000 to 10,000 Yuan.

2 .0-3 years: around 41,000 Yuan

If the baby is not sick, 0-1 years old, milk plus clothing, about 1,500 Yuan a month. If baby does not drink milk, then about 1,000 Yuan a month. About 12,000 Yuan in the first year.

1-3 years old, buy a variety of early childhood materials and toys, about 5,000 Yuan. Life plus clothing, about 1,000 Yuan a month. So together, about 29,000 Yuan.

3. Kindergarten (pre-school) 3-6 years old: around 95,600 Yuan

If for better nursery, the sponsorship fee ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 or even more.

A normal nursery inBeijingcosts at least 1,500 Yuan a month, about 500 Yuan for meal, and other incidental expenses of 100 Yuan. In total at least 2100 Yuan a month, three years about 36 months, a total of 75,600 Yuan.

4. Primary school: 122000 Yuan

Although no tuition fee compulsory education, school-selecting fee and training fee together is at least 50,000Yuan

Then books, mobile phone and other things, about 2,000 Yuan a year, six years is 12,000 Yuan. Clothing and living expenses at least 1,000 Yuan a month on average. Six years a total of 72,000 Yuan.

5. Junior School: 40000 yuan

Like elementary school, middle school is also part of compulsory education, so free of tuition. Miscellaneous fees are also not high: for public school about 500 Yuan a semester, three years is 3000 Yuan in total. School’s missed-lessons-making -up cost, interest classes fees, meals are also not high, about 1,000 Yuan a term, 6,000 Yuan for three years. However, the school tolls may cost much, electronic dictionary, MP3, computers, etc., in the three years the family will spend several thousand Yuan. So in total15,000 injunior middle school

But the same thing can not be ignored is that many people will choose better middle school, so this will also lead to a sponsorship fee of 50,000 to 100,000 Yuan

At home is mainly food, clothing and travel cost, in the three years child`s living cost is about to 20,000 to 30,000 Yuan.

On the whole, for three years of junior high school, if no school-selecting fee, the total cost is 40,000 Yuan; If select school, about 80,000 to 150,000 Yuan.
chinese house and child

6.High School: 50000 Yuan

If the child is good in test and admitted to a key school, then the general tuition fee each semester is only 1200-1500, if choose boarding, 2,000 Yuan a semester. Miscellaneous fees 5,000-6,000 Yuan for three years.

If the test is not good, then study at a general public high school, tuition is 900 Yuan each semester. However, if transfer to a better school the tuition is about 3000-4500 Yuan per semester plus a one time school-selecting fee about 10,000-20,000 Yuan. Miscellaneous fees about 30,000 Yuan for three years.

If choose private high school the tuition and other fees can come up to 150,000 Yuan.

Meanwhile, the high school learning is more competitive, so students have to participate in various classes out of school; which costs several thousands or even more than 10,000 Yuan.

High school students are interested in computers and other electronic products, and their demand is higher than junior high school students, for even the family with the worst conditions also spend five or six thousand Yuan on computers and other items, so in total, three years ia about 50,000 to 200,000 Yuan.

 7.University: 70000 Yuan

After graduating from high school, some people are admitted to the university.

Generally four years tuition is about 20,000; miscellaneous fees and living expenses are  800-1000 Yuan a month, plus school –home traffic fees and travel cost, in total 4 years is about 40,000 Yuan. In total 60,000-70,000 Yuan.

Some parents` budget is relatively high, the total cost can come up to 150,000 to 200,000

The cost of postgraduate education and studying abroad depends on individual’s situation. If you want to continue postgraduate studies, then have to prepare 100,000 to 800.000 Yuan for the children. .

Phase Cost (Currency:Yuan)
Pregnancy  10500
0-3 years old  41000
3-6 years old  95600
Primary School  122000
Junior School  40000
High School  50000
University  70000
 Total  429100

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