The 5 Chinese Cultures and Traditions That Have Been Adapted in The US

The United States is a place where people of many different backgrounds come together. They bring their traditions with them, and people love to celebrate. Many people from China have come to this country. What are some of the cultural movements and traditions they have brought along with them?

China Town 21. Abundant Chinatowns
While you won’t find a Chinatown in every city in the United States, you certainly will in many! nhattan, for example, has a very well-known Chinatown. When you go to these places, you’ll often encounter an immense amount of culture and tradition. In addition to exploring the cultural and visual aspects of life in China, you can also indulge in some of the delicious food, which is likely very different from what you’re used to when you think of “Chinese Food”. Other well-known China Towns exist in San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.

2. The Tea Ceremony
If you’ve ever been to a traditional Chinese wedding, then you might have noticed that the couple participated in a tea ceremony. Even if they have a wedding in a church earlier on in the day, they will return to their roots for the tea ceremony. This tradition is a beautiful one that is commonly held at weddings. It truly signifies the start of the new journey on which the wedded couple is about to embark.

3. Chinese New Year
In China, the new year starts at a different time than does the one in the United States. Although the date changes on a yearly basis, it is usually sometime in the middle of the winter as opposed to the early winter as with this country. People have all sorts of street fairs and parades to celebrate the coming of the new year. In their homes, they may make moon cakes to share and eat with family members and friends. Some businesses might even decide to shut their doors for the day while they celebrate.

4. Their Religion
As you might know, the Chinese government doesn’t sanction religion. Many of the people there are Buddhists, and they have started to bring some of these eastern vibes into the United States with this fascinating faith! In fact, many Americans who grew up in a secular or Christian household are incorporating Buddhist traditions into their own senses of spirituality. Since religion is frowned upon or outlawed in China, people might be bringing their desire for religious freedom to the United States. They can practice what they want and as they want here!

5. Their Language
In terms of linguistic diversity, the United States is definitely growing. Chinese people are bringing their language over here, and many youngsters are interested in learning it. As far as the job market and the business world goes, Chinese is a powerful language to know. Not only is it useful for businesses, it’s difficult to learn, so those who take the leap can expect to be compensated for it! Combine these two factors, and you’ll see more signs written in Chinese and more schools offering courses in these languages.

Pinpointing every single instance of Chinese culture and tradition in the United States is practically impossible. Many individuals are practicing their traditions both in public and in their homes with their own family members and friends, and personally, I love it!

Joseph Rodriguez writes about multiculturalism and diversity, especially in education. His recent work is on the best colleges for Asian language study.

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