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I think it will be very helpful to create a resource page that other bloggers can see the services that I use with my blog. The list will be constantly updated when I find new valuable resources.


bluehostBluehost  – Bluehost is an excellent hosting company that I used before. You can use it as your beginner hosting provider.  The biggest advantage for Bluehost is that it is extremely easy to set up your blog. It only takes three steps and 15 minutes to make your blog run. You can check my my previous article about how to start a blog with Bluehost in 15 minutes.

hostgator Hostgator is my present hosting company. They offer an extremely easy way to set up your blog on WordPress. What I like them most is their live support. The staff are always kind and helpful and ready to solve any problem you meet when running your blog. It is a very good hosting company for blog beginners.

 PureVPN – PureVPN is a very fast VPN service. Its service includes lots of countries where the users can connect without limitations. It offers 24/7 support to make you feel that you are in the presence of a truly professional VPN provider. They have great speed and great software. If you’re looking for a top VPN service and are ready to pay for it, then look no further. And their price is very reasonable.

viglink – At present I am using Viglink to monetize my blog.  It monetizes links to thousands of retailers, so you can save lots of time to find affiliate products by yourself.  The ad network itself keeps 25% of the revenue generated by the clicks on Publisher’s website and blog/website owners will get 75% commission. It only pays through PayPal monthly and there is no minimum or threshold amount.


Infolinks  – Infolinks is a unique in-text ad provider. It is a good start for new bloggers especially when you are not qualified to apply for google adsense or failed to do this. It is very easy to get approved by infolinks (about 2 working days) and they offer various ad forms like in-text, inframe and intag. They also have WordPress plugin which is easily to set up. Its earnings can not be called “good” but still very decent. Publishers will get paid via Paypal with a minimum payout of $50.


aWeber–AWeber is a popular email marketing software that I am using to deliver our blog newsletters (you can find the AWeber sign up form in the right sidebar). With AWeber you will know who hope to follow your blog and interact with your followers.The biggest advantage of aWeber is that it allows you to send as many as emails you want each month. It also track the activity of your subscribers and to see if your emails get clicked. It is the best email marketing tool I ever know.


Antispam Bee – The best tool to guard your blog against spam comments. It is very easy to set up and can effectively stop spamming comments to get through to your site.

Digg Digg – A very cool social sharing plugin. You can add a floating bar with share buttons with your blog. It allows visitors to share your posts with just one click and can drive great traffic from social networks.

Wordfence Security – The best free security plugin to protect your blog from hacking and attacking. Its main functions include anti-virus, firewall and high speed cache.

WP Super Cache – The most popular and effective caching plugin for WordPress blog. It will make your blog load faster and consume very less server resources.

Yoast SEO – the best SEO plugin. It provides the most complete solution for website based on WordPress.

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