Foreigners’ 8 Crazy Acts in China

Many foreigners cannot bear Chinese uncivilized acts in their countries, such as throwing rubbish freely or allowing child to pee in public. In fact, some foreigners also behave badly in China. Many foreigners’ bad acts are considered to be crazy in Chinese eyes.

1. To be naked

Many Chinese people like to be topless, which seems to have become a thing that the whole world knows about. However, Foreigners’ bareness, especially in public places are unacceptable by Chinese.

2. To be crazy at party

Ordinary Chinese people may not participate in this kind of crazy party. But foreigners like freedom and get together for every several days. Some of their crazy acts are unwelcome in China.

3. To embrace and kiss in public

Many foreigners express their love casually. It is common for a man and a woman embrace each other and kiss on the street. However, kissing in public seems acceptable among young Chinese but offensive to old Chinese.

4. To strike up a conversation casually

Chinese people have some psychological defense to strangers. However, foreigners seem to do better than Chinese in this aspect, they strike up conversations with strangers easily. But Chinese people may think that they may have some conspiracy in this situation. Chinese people feel strange to be accosted.

5. To be bold at tourist spots

Many foreigners still keep their original characteristics in China, No matter where they are, as long as they feel comfortable and good, they will stop and do what they like, especially when seeing beautiful scenery, they like to take off shoes and coat to feel the beauty of nature. These bold behaviors considered strange to many Chinese.

6. To hit upon a strange idea

Many foreigners are very imaginative and  that`s just what Chinese lack. However, sometimes their strange ideas make Chinese people difficult to accept. When they have an idea, they will take the initiative to carry out. for example, they will suddenly decide to live on the roof or live in the open to feel sky and stars.

7. Their excessive love to pets

It is always good to be caring. However, too much care makes people can not understand it. Foreigners` love to pets always makes Chinese people feel confused and ask why the are so kind to animals but so unfriendly to people in other countries.

8. Their bizarre dress

Foreigners like to pursue unconventional style and always want be different with others. So, they often wear strange clothes. However, Chinese people prefer to dress normally.

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