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Top 6 Adventure Places in China

If you’re constantly looking for adventures and there’s really no limit to your need for an adrenaline rush, then wherever you go, you’ll be on a lookout for a thrill. Depending on what your...

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Top 4 Spots To Cycle In China

The streets of Chinese cities that were once jam packed with cyclists have now replaced with cars. However, once you leave the cites there is vast amounts of beautiful countryside for you to cycle...

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Top 6 Flower Festivals in China

“Lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, as well as poetry, wine and flowers” are traditionally the “seven arts of the Chinese scholar”. Admiring the beauty of flowers is a very important taste of life to...

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Top 5 Food Streets in Beijing

If you are going to travel to Beijing, you must try various local Chinese food. In Beijng, the capital of China, you can find almost all kinds of foods from China and the world, but...

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Top 100 Usefull Chinese Phrases

Are you going to travel or live in China. You may be interested in learning some common Chinese phrases. Below is a collection of basic Chinese phrases These phrases are shown in simplified Chinese characters...