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Top 5 Food Streets in Beijing

If you are going to travel to Beijing, you must try various local Chinese food. In Beijng, the capital of China, you can find almost all kinds of foods from China and the world, but...

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Top 100 Usefull Chinese Phrases

Are you going to travel or live in China. You may be interested in learning some common Chinese phrases. Below is a collection of basic Chinese phrases These phrases are shown in simplified Chinese characters...

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The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Shanghai

If you travel to Shanghai or live in Shanghai, you must want to pamper your stomach with authentic local Chinese food. Here collected is a list of the best Shanghai Chinese restaurants ranked on...

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Top 10 Beautiful Small Cities in China

This roundup features the China’s small cities with the most beautiful scenery. Each city in the list is absolutely worth a go! 1. Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province Wuyuan is known as the “Book Town” and...

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Top 10 Attractions In China

As one of the world’s economic giants, China does not gain its fame just from its economic prowess, but also from the fact that it has a rich history and cultural diversity. From amazing...


20 Things to Know Before You Visit China

China is an undoubtedly a great country, and a civilization whose culture and history span over five thousand years. One of the major global powers today, with the largest population on the planet, China...