5 Tips for the First Date with Chinese Woman

So you find the Chinese woman you really like, and you going out with her for the first date tomorrow. You are wondering what you should prepare or is there any culture difference you should know in advance. So let’s get started right away.

Asian women first date

1. Do your homework to know about your woman.

It depends on if you have met her before. No matter you have met her in the coffee shop or you knew her via the dating agency in the internet, try to get started to learn a little bit more about her background information. It will be very helpful for you to prepare going forward.

2. Impress your woman by dressing smart.

No matter where you are going to meet her, you should always be well presented. It includes your hair is tidy and neat and your shoes are polished. As you may know, the cleanliness is always the key to leave the great first impression.

3. Taking a small gift to your woman.

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? The gesture of taking her a small presents will be appreciated I believe. If you have already met her before, flowers could be a good idea you can consider. It shows your “romantic” side but also indicates you are a very caring person. Just pay attention to the type of flower you are going to give her. As in China, the type and colour of the flowers are carrying negative meaning sometime.

4. Take your woman to a nice restaurant.

You do not have to pick super expensive restaurant. However, at least you should have been to the restaurant before and you know the quality of the service and food. On the other hand, what kind of food she likes? For example, many Cantonese people do not like spicy food. So it’s quite risky if you are taking your Cantonese girl to a Spicy Sichuan restaurant for the first time.

5. Be a gentleman to your woman on the first date

Always keep in mind that English is not her native language. Even though your Chinese woman is quite fluent in English, you should always be patient about the things she says. During your first date, do not drink too much. Do not touch or kiss her in public. If she is really interested in you, I am sure everything will happen in an appropriate time in the future.

I believe many things I mentioned are pretty much common sense, but some people are just not willing to do their homework before meeting their dream Chinese woman. As a result, they are still confused why the relationship doesn’t work in the way they expect.

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