5 Tips for Picking the Right Gifts for Your Chinese Woman

If you have dated a Chinese woman or if you have traveled to China before, I believe you know giving the right present is fairly important in the Asian culture.

In some western countries, you can just give some simple presents and it’s not that difficult. Many westerners believe that the intention for sending the gifts is much more important than the present itself. In China, It does not mean you have to buy crazy expensive branded good to your Asian woman. Today we are going to share with you some simple and useful tips help you get started!

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1. Two Types of Gifts for your Chinese woman
Of course each Chinese woman is different. If you have just get started to date your Chinese woman, it’s not easy to pick the “right” gift that she likes. In short, there are two types of gifts. The first type is the gifts you give to your girlfriend in some important occasion like her birthday or Valentine’s Day. The other type is just some random gifts once in a while that you want to give her some surprises.

2. How to get started?
Let’s get started from random gifts. Just like other woman in the relationship, your Asian girlfriend want to make sure you always think about her by receiving your small gifts. Those gifts can be some flower, a lovely cell phone case for her new Iphone 6. Or if your Chinese woman is at her twenties, you can consider giving her a gift like a teddy bear. You probably consider that’s quite childish, but believe or not, many young Chinese women really like that. When you got a chance to choose the colour of the gifts, it’s safer to choose some colour like pink or red. In the opposite, the colour black or white are always related the meaning of death in China so you probably should avoid that. However, the younger generation of Chinese care less and less about the meaning of the colour today.

3. What if I want to impress my Chinese woman a little bit?
You won’t make any mistakes if you give your girlfriends some gifts of cosmetics or apparel. One of the good ways to make it easier for you is you can try Taobao. Taobao is basically the biggest online shopping platform in China where I believe you can buy anything as long as it’s legal. But you do need to know a little bit Chinese to communicate with the buyer though. If you have some Chinese friends or colleagues, ask them for a help. I am pretty sure they know how to buy things in Taobao.

4. OK, then how about gifts for the special occasion?
Let’s take a look at some special gifts here. To be honest, if you really want to impress your Chinese woman, you need to spend some extra money though. It does not have to be super expensive, but at least a well known branded goods. As you may know, China right now is becoming the biggest market for many foreign luxury brands. I am sure it’s not a surprise to you when you see lots of Chinese people lining up for the duty free shops in the airport. If you can afford to spend some money, then a Prada bag or some branded necklace are always the great choices. But I understand it’s not for every man. So a simple branded perfume is a good choice as well.

5. How to save some money?
Luckily, for many foreign men they can buy those foreign branded goods in their own countries. In China, imported products could be crazily expensive sometime. If you and your Chinese woman are in a long distance relationship, then next time you meet each other, take some branded perfume from your own country, it will never go wrong.

2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    On point 4 – “As you may know, China right now is becoming the biggest market for many foreign luxury brands.”

    Sorry but the world outside China disagrees on this point – it’s becoming the biggest market for cheap fakes. And they are reselling them to us all and have ruined Amazon and eBay.

    • Nathan Miller says:

      China makes nice things, they manufacture quality products too. 95% of everything that I own is made in China and they last, no problems. Of course, every forest has dry trees but because there are a few such trees doesn’t mean that the whole forest is bad.

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