Top 10 Most Cruel Foods in China

Today, people in most regions of China are eating “normal” food. However, lots of of “cruel” dishes can still be found in some regions and all these dishes involve the torture of animals. The level of its cruelty may shock you greatly and these 10 astonishing live animal dishes are as follows:

No. 1 Monkey Brain

Monkey Brain is a precious traditional Chinese food ingredient, one of Eight Rare Ingredients.

Monkey brain is usually eaten raw. First prepare a dining table with a hole in its middle and the size of the hole can just allows the monkey head to get through. When the monkey pokes its head out of the desktop, the diners will break its skull, pour hot oil, and then use a silver spoon to dig out it brains for eating. At this time the monkey has not yet died, and still keeps on screaming.

No. 2 Feng Gan Ji

Feng Gan Ji, whose literal meaning is “wind dried chicken,” is a traditional Tibetan dish.

To make this dish, the person must be sophisticated enough to deal with the chicken. The master will pluck its feathers, take out entrails, insert seasonings, sew it up and then hang in wind to make it dry, all these have to be done at tremendous speed.  At this time the chicken is still alive, and cooing in the wind.

No. 3 Long Xu Feng Zhao

Long Xu Feng Zhao is a very exquisite dish, “Long Xu” meas barbels of live carp fish, and “Feng Zhao” means a piece of lean meat in the middle of the palm of a live chicken. It is said that one dish needs hundreds of carps and dozens of chickens. The detailed cooking method is unknown.

No.4 Roasted Duck Claws

Roasted duck's clawsFirst a slightly heated iron plate will be prepared with some seasonings on it. Then a live duck will be placed on it with a fire below to heat the plate. The duck will keep walking and then jumping as the temperature gets high. Finally when the claws are done they will be cut off for eating.

No.5 Hot Soup Turtle

Put a live turtle into seasoned soup and heat slowly. As the temperature gets high, the turtle would drink the soup to cool itself down. When the soup gets hotter, the turtle struggles and creates enjoyment for the dinners. Finally the turtle is slowly boiled to death, when it is done it will be eaten together with the soup.

No. 6 Huo Jiao Lu (Fresh Donkey)

Huo Jia Lu literally means “Live Braying Donkey”. The donkey has its legs tied up and its body placed down, then the chef cuts its raw meat and cook it very fast and then serve at once. When diners eat it quietly the animal is still braying painfully.

No. 7 San Zhi Er (Three Screams)

This is a live food meal. First, prepare a plate of newborn mice and a plate of sauce (Salt and pepper, hoisin sauce or other seasonings you like).  When diners use chopsticks to seize the baby mouse it would give out a scream first. when put it into the seasonings, the second scream, and when put into mouth, the last scream.

The recipe is very simple, but only those diners with great courage can enjoy this dish.

No. 8 Zui Xia (Shrimps in Alcohol)

Put fresh-water shrimp into a strong liquor to make it drunken, these drunken shrimp are often eaten alive. Eaters can not only taste the delicious shrimp, but also enjoy the wine aroma at the same time.

No. 9 Crispy Goose Gut

Choose a tender-fleshed goose, use a knife to draw a circle along its anus, insert index finger into the anus, then rotate and pull out, you will get the freshest gut for cooking.

No. 10 Grilled Little Lamb

Put a parturient sheep on charcoal fire, when the sheep is done, take the little lamb out of its belly, it is said the lamb mutton is very tender and crispy.

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41 Responses

  1. loimata says:

    if i see people doing these monstrous dishes, pray for mercy for i will be granted death penalty for punishing the perpetrator the same way it did it to a innocent animal of God. shame on yous.

    • Tom says:

      Do you eat meat? Are you aware, even dimly, of the conditions pigs, chickens, and cows must live in on factory farms? If the answer is yes, you have no right to judge.

      • trav says:

        Shut up Tom, you’re wrong. Animals raised in Western farms do NOT receive as brutal a treatment as this. These people are totally screwed in the head.

      • Nick says:

        Yes you are right we should be totally ashamed the way we treat animals in this country, but the Chinese are at another level of cruelty, the way they treat all animals.

  2. Jason says:

    The drunken shrimp is most certainly real – my barbaric and pig-headed Chinese friend once forced me to eat it. He ordered it just to watch me squirm as the shrimp bit onto my lip on its way in – I had no idea they were alive until it was in my mouth!

  3. J says:

    These are some crazy cruel recipes but they aren’t eaten by most Chinese people. They actually have a list of the Nine Cruel Foods. Just because it’s something that exists in their culture doesn’t make every person living there into a monster.

    Just listing them off seems to have brought out a bunch of racists and hatemongers though. I hope you all get on a watch list. Yikes.

  4. Susanna Farley says:

    As a vegan, I find the comments on this page both racist and hypocritical.

    Lobster boiled alive is a prized dish in many western countries.
    And what about the French appetite for the livers of force-fed geese, not to mention horsemeat?
    Every day millions of animals are tortured and killed in western slaughterhouses.
    Here in Britain people fawn over dogs and cats but eat pigs, chickens, cows and fish.

    Go figure and go vegan!

    • Geneva says:

      I am also a vegan and became one after 20 years as a vegetarian. I am absolutely disgusted by the Chinese’s disregard for animal welfare. There are no welfare laws whatsoever in China so they can treat animals as they wish with no chance of being punished. I kind of understand what you mean, it was my disgust at modern day farming methods which made me firstly become vegetarian, plus I was running a rescue for battery hens here in the U.K. and felt devastated at their treatment. I find it odd that people will eat certain animals and not those they see as pets. In my book, if they’re going to eat meat, why not eat all meat? As far as I’m concerned, those people with small holdings who raise animals as they should be raised, in a field, with shelter, being grass fed and ending their life whilst out at pasture in a super quick instant bolt gun is the ONLY way an animal should be culled for its meat. I disagree with an animal being trucked across the country to an abattoir, I absolutely am against halal. Whilst there are many poultry farms and slaughterhouses caught on camera by various charities treating animals badly, we have probably the best animal welfare laws in the world. People rightly do get angry at the Chinese as their cruelty knows no bounds. They are a very savage nation and whilst I detest the Japanese for whaling and other Asian countries for their bad practice towards sentient beings; The Chinese are the absolute worst of the lot. There is no racism involved, just an educated mind which has read and studied worldwide animal welfare issues for many years. I agree that people should consider veganism or at the very least, Vegetarianism but with also cutting dairy from their diet. They should read about the victims of the dairy industry.

    • A says:

      Boiling lobsters is illegal in many countries and animals are stunned before slaughter here. It is a disgrace that vegan groups do not complain about halal being legal in western countries, as they fear being called racist, rather than stand up for animals.

    • Amanda Andrews says:

      Totally idiotic comment. Did you read the article, this is entertainment for the Chinese, to watch an animal scream and die slowly in agony! Nobody else does this for pure entertainment or regards this as sophisticated dining, even ritual slaughter has some kind of respect for the animal, they at least pray for the animal and do it quickly. Totally ironic that here in the west, we are preserving turtles and cannot go onto beaches and disturb them while the Chinese are boiling them alive. I also do not eat meat but vegans are a disgrace who care more about not being called racist than actual animal welfare. You cannot stop the world from eating meat but you can try and make welfare better.

  5. Ann says:

    Our local news showed a chef in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco prying the shell off of a LIVE turtle. Sick monster.

  6. Ann says:

    Filthy despicable people that would torture animals like this. May you rot in hell for eternity.

  7. Lynne says:

    They would eat anything. Just a pity they won’t eat human scum like themselves. The cat and dog meat trade is absolutely disgusting. China is earning itself the most hated country on the planet. Why are they so cruel to animals? Just ignorant, uneducated, deranged morons.

  8. Roksanne says:

    It is true I myself saw turtles that are alive being kept in plastic tiny boxes and being sold for eating they can’t even move it’s horrible I saw it in carrefour in China

  9. Brittney L. says:

    China is the worst country on Earth. And the sad thing is, most of their ppl there know this is how we feel about them. Nothing good has ever come out of China except cheap, crappy products and animal cruelty. I watched a video once where a pregnant mother there was struck by a car while she was walking down a crowded street, doing her shopping. The driver was drunk and just plodded into her. She was of course killed instantly and her unborn baby was forced out of her belly, out onto the open street. No one around even blinked. It was a horrible accident, a huge mess. The police showed up, scooped of the baby, tossed it into the back of a mini truck-seriously, then they did the same to the mother. No ambulance, no wheeled gurney, no yellow blanket over them, no investigation, no respect what so ever. Just threw them into the back of an old mini truck. And this was in a big, modern city mind you, not a small village. If China does that to their own citizens of course they are going to be extra, extra cruel towards animals. I have had several chances to visit China but each time I have totally refused to go. The poor dogs, angora bunnies, all fur animals they torture there, it would never be tolerated here in America. Some Americans can be cruel towards animals but at least our animals have some protection laws, and we have a lot of animal right’s groups keeping watch. And most of the humans here in America who abuse animals are hired workers from Mexico and employed by a lot of our companies for cheap labor. I feel Mexico is the second most cruelest country on Earth towards animals and their citizens. Lack of education maybe? I don’t know but I do know the world is changing. A lot of ppl, younger people, are becoming Vegan for animals but also for their health. Pray that God finally helps our world’s animals. No one should ever suffer for Man’s sick greed. It’s proven that a human can live healthy and happy on a plant based diet. Meat isn’t needed anymore because we have such delicious fruits and veggies, rice, pasta, to keep us all full and and health. It is Man’s greed of profit that keeps animal suffering alive, nothing more. Meat is cancer causing, it’s full or worms and bacteria. I for one prefer a sweet naval orange or rip banana to a dead piece of tortured animal flesh.

  10. Chris says:

    Asians in general but especially Chinese are the cruellest and most disturbing races on the planet!
    They need extermination. Trying to teach them compassion would take too long and millions of acts of cruelty would happen in the meantime. We need a meteorite strike to wipe them all out, once and for all

  11. Anti- china says:

    Fuck China. Anything which is non human is tortured to death by them. They don’t even leave their own humans alone, they torture the workers who are factory workers to work for 15 hours a day and no holidays at all. They commit suicide. This was reported to Human rights organisation. They are one of the cruelest civilization on this planet.

  12. John Doe says:

    A few of these might not be true. Idk. But remember it says certain regions alone do this. So this page does not apply to the whole country of China. Some of these are true and very cruel though. (I know the turtle one is…)

  13. Ranim says:

    wow amazing

  14. SiWen Wang says:

    This is true. As Asians we don’t want to know about some of the secrets of our culture. If you go to a a restaurant in China or a few special restaurants in America you can get these.

    The food is so yummy in the tummy. These dishes remind us that we need to crush other people to get to the top.

  15. Anna says:

    Fake and disgusting. It makes me sick how some people can truly believe this.

  16. Mao Dong Yang says:

    Lol. I was born in china and literally almost everything on this page is a lie to make the Chinese people look cruel and inhumane. Please stick to publishing objective facts.

    • Fifi says:

      Phahahha, are you kidding me? I will show you pics of my lunch or dinner at Chinese restaurants IN China!

    • Chris says:

      It’s all true. Your society is completely fucked up and evil

    • Elsa says:

      Then maybe you should go back filthy animal!

    • daddy says:

      agree they are lying

      • Geneva says:

        The 3 squeaks or 3 scream cuisine with the newborn mice is very much real. Those who say it’s a lie probably come from a different part of China. Bear in mind how big the country is. My friend who is Chinese born and bred said you can fly for three hours and still be in China. She told me these meals are for real, two of them she wasn’t aware of but said they are very likely to be real as it’s very plausible the older generations would eat it. She is one of the younger generation who went to university in Macau. She has a very good career and wasnt pressured to marry and provide grandchildren (she is now seen as on the shelf) even though the older generation treat their children as investments. They pay for education and pray they marry and have a son. They then move in with their children caring for grandchildren and housekeeping whilst their son/daughter works and expect to be cared for themselves until they die. It’s very much how China works.

    • Type in “Man eating live mice.” Then you will see many videos on Bing or something else, if you find the right video, you will see a guy using chopsticks and picking up baby mice and dipping their bodies into sauce, alive. May I note that the sauce probably hurts the babies and eating live animals sounds barbaric.

      • Its just an opinion, not all Chinese do this, dont call their race bad, that’s racist. Some people do it though, maybe it isn’t Chinese people who do it at all, video could’ve been fake or something.

    • Bella says:

      I hope you are right. I truly do.
      I’ve seen hundreds of videos and read articles about China, and all I’ve learned so far was when it comes to cousine you enjoy eating animals alive. Literally. There is no animal welfare law in your country, so there is no respect.
      I thought I have seen it all but the above article pushes it even further. Beyond imagination. So I really hope it’s a lie.

    • Amanda Andrews says:

      No, some us us have been to China and seen live animals being served in restaurants

  17. Ben says:

    mkay 9 and 10 are absolute BS..

  18. Brady says:

    Filthy Chinese!

  19. John smith says:

    Fuck dumb ass Chinese
    I bet their just sick idiots

  20. disqus_g3VRX2Ccri says:

    Ppl, don’t believe everything here !!

  21. disqus_g3VRX2Ccri says:

    I just don’t trust what you publish as I caught you lying.

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