Top 10 China Internet videos of 2012

What is the hottest and most played videos in China 2012? Recently,, the king of China web video portal, released the most popular China Internet videos of 2012. Listed below are the top 10 videos:

No. 1 Foreigner sexually assaulting woman in street of Beijing, beaten up by angry pedestrians

No. 2  Mo Yan’s speech at the Nobel awards banquet  moved Chinese

3. CCTV reporter: Are you happy?  Migrant worker: My last name is Zeng. (The Chinese pronunciation sounds exactly the same in Chinese as “Is your last name Fu?”)

4. Chinese man viciously assaulted during anti-Japan protest in Xian China .  Because he had a car that was made in Japan.

5. Chinese driver died in his car that was submerged in 4 meters of water on the main road under Guangqumen Bridge during the Big Flood Beijing on July 21.

6. “Gangnam Style” hits China and its dance has been imitated by numerous Chinese.

7. Activists` documentary  “The Moon Bear” protests Moon Bear bile farming in China

8. Beijing man dupes Beijing hospital to save dying wife (forged a seal and defrauding a hospital of 172,000 RMB to pay his wife’s medical fees.)

 9. “Corridor Faye Wong” Liu Meilin moved netizens by singing “Because of Love”

 10. Mike Sui Act as 12 people and speak in English and Chinese, hilarious!

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