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leased childhood china children

The beggar Ren Fangfang came home last year, the dissepiments between her nose holes has serious defect. So far her body is with multiple trauma, she said she was hurt by “beggar head” Zhai Xuefeng. Receiving a one-time payment of 22 thousand from Zhai Xuefeng, The agreement agreed Zhai “would not hold any more responsibility.” Leaving home from less than 4 years, Fangfang has “earned” 37,000 Yuan for her family within 3 years.

In Zhangji Town, Taikang County, Henan Province, many parents rented their preschool children, the smallest just over three years old, to “circus” boss. They begged in different areas of the country with a monthly salary of a few hundred to one thousand Yuan.

Such transactions are very common in local district. After a dinner or even a cigarette time adults have resold several years “use” right of young children. The children are asked to call the boss “father”, they must complete daily begging amount, those who are able to complete will be often beaten.

Over the past decade, this children begging profit chain has been unknown to the outside world. In Spring Festival this year, an academic Yu Jianrong launched a campaign of “Street photographing to rescue begging children “, 7 begging children from Taikang County were rescued by the police of Sanya, Hainan. The local government sent a work team to Sanya and rescued the children back home. After a number of media rushed to Taikang, the parents of victims of stood out.

ren fangfang and her family

Fangfang`s family has 4 children

The official from Taikang County Police Bureau said they are investigated the situation reflected by parents of children and the media. The Political and Legal secretary of TaikangCounty told the media that they would strictly investigate children’s abuse, forced begging and other illegal and criminal activities, once discovered, the criminals would immediately be severely punished.

The evening of 25 December 2009, Christmas Eve, 6-year-old Zhai Wadan died cardiopulmonary respiratory and circulatory failure in Guangxi. His body was parked on bed of People’s Hospital of Guiping City. It was best sleeping bed in his short life. The following day, his body was taken away, the hospital called the police. At noon, police with a group of dogs found the 15-year-old suspect Zhai Manxiang in dozens of kilometers away. Hewas charged for forcing begging, injuring Zhai Wadan who died after.

The child Zhai Wadan was from Zhecheng County, Henan Province. And suspect Zhai Manxiang was from an adjacent Mengtang Village in Taikang County. Both were employed by begging organizer Zhai Xuefeng from Mengtang Village. June 2010, Zhai Manxiang was sentenced four years by Guiping County court, suspended for three years. Since then, he changed his confession before, saying actually it was his boss who killed the child Zhai Wadan, He was instigated to take a foul.

February 10, 2011, 7 begging children from Taikang County were found by the police in Sanya, Hainan, of which 4 children claimed to be from Mengtang Village. Since then, local children begging industry has surfaced. Except for the Zhai Wadan, Some other children beggars were either injured or disabled or even lost. Most of these children were rented to “beggar head” like Zhai Xuefeng in their three or four years old by their parents and then were taken around for begging.

Death of Wadan

He is the typical epitome of local begging children

Wadan`s Originial name was called Feng Guoli, no blood relationship with Zhai Xuefeng. In 2007, he was leased to Zhai Xuefeng to “learning acrobatics” by his parents, Then he was give the new family name Zhai and became the “son” of Zhai Xuefeng in order to escape check of the police. Impersonation is an essential practice in Begging industry in Taikang.

The fact of Zhai Xuefeng beating Wadan has been confirmed by another begging child Ren Fangfang. Ren Fangfang is Zhai`s shrittail cousin. In 2007, she was rented to Zhai Xuefeng by her father and became the “daughter.” Of Zhai. Fangfang said “Wadan was beaten to death by ‘father’.

Two or three days before Wadan`s death, he has been calling “chest pain.” He walked very slowly, always bended over and breathed with big mouth. Zhai Xuefeng also saidWadan told him, “Dad, I feel dizzy.” Nevertheless, in the evening of 25 December 2009, Wada came to the square near Guiping City People’s Hospital to beg last time for his life.

After Striking, he was in a coma, yellow foam out flew his mouth. Zhai bought sanitary paper bought from the supermarket to wipe his mouth. After three and half scrolls of paper was used, the supermarket boss called 120 and asked them immediately to go to the hospital.

Several hours later, Wadan was dead.

Wadan was a typical local begging child. Most children were from families with many children. All parents said they rented their children because of “poverty” Re Fangfang who begged with Wadan together, her mother suffered from epilepsy and had four children, thefamily had only 3 acres of land. Her Ren Shangtian said if he had not let their daughter to learn some money with acrobatics, the family would have “almost starved to death”

February 21, the first day of local primary school. Ren Fangfang was been interviewed by Shanghai media. Among all begging children, Ren Fangfang seemed to be the moscheerful and kind one. Once given a bottle of milk, she would give it to her brother. ThisChinese New Year her Dad did not buy her a new dress. She only blew a balloon wortha few cents, blew and then empty the air, having all the fun.

After a few minutes one female reporter suddenly asked her, “Two fathers, who you hate?”

“Hate both.” She said.

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