QQ VS 360 battle – Who moved our privacy?

On 14 October 2010, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (Tencent) launched an action against Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd (Qihoo) alleging that the latter spreading false facts, resulting in damaging the Tencent`s reputation.

qq vs 360

Tencent is the owner of a popular instant messaging or social networking software, most commonly known as “QQ”, which is used widely in China. Qihoo is the owner of the “360” line of security software, the main objective of these software is to protect users against computer viruses.The 360 privacy safeguard takes QQ as the only target at the moment.On 27 September 2010, Qihoo launched a free privacy software known as “360 Privacy Protector”. 360 Privacy Protector is a software that monitors whether users’ movements on the web are being “tracked” by other entities. Qihoo alleged that their 360 Privacy Protector software reported that the owners of QQ (i.e. Tencent) had breached their user’s privacy.

please do not touch me QQ said to 360


Tencent denied these allegations and accused Qihoo of fabricating or spreading false facts, resulting in damaging their business reputation.

The debate between 360 and Tencent reflects the vulnerable privacy protection at the internet age. With more virtual life like shopping, social activity, entertainment and work gradually move online, traces of Internet users, including bank accounts, phone numbers, shopping preferences, friends and other objects are likely to be exposed to people with ulterior motives.

be against qq together


In the past the internet users mainly received news and information from Internet, but with the advent of the interactive Web2 users face more danger of privacy exposure

Internet companies collect uses` information, it is undeniable that to some extent it aims at improving service quality and users` experience, but some are using it for money. Whatever informed right must be protected.

QQ to 360: Please do not load me off


However, the debate also is welcomed by a number of netizens.

In fact, standing ordinary users’ side, we are happy to see such the companies to catch each other on the raw. Because we need their mutual checks and also a really privacy protection software.

We are not afraid the fight between 360 and Tencent, what we fear is they often drink tea together. Nowadays at an era of repeated violations of privacy, a secure Internet not only requires more companies like 360 but also more Tencent, and only when a balance is reached network security will not become a utopia without any foundation.

360 knock down qq

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