Graffiti of Du Fu makes a stir online

The Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu is regarded as one of the greatest Chinese poets, right now this ancient poet suddenly became popular on internet in its 1300th birthday: sometimes he was armed with a machine-gun, sometimes drove a motorbike, and sometimes embraced a beauty, sometimes cut a watermelon with a knife… a group of graffiti images of Du Fu went viral on internet and sparked hot controversy.

According to Chinese media reports, the spoofed Du Fu’s images came from illustration in middle school textbook, and some internet users uploaded these pictures to After netizens` re-creation various spoof versions were suddenly filled with entertainment effects. Internet users also gave an interesting name for it: “Du Fu Is Busy. He rode a motorcycle before switching to a white horse. He sells watermelons after he delivered bottled water.”

However, not everyone could accept this kind of spoof, someone thought it was a blasphemy to graffiti the greatest poet; while others believed that this spoof would make more students learn about Du Fu.

Some Chinese students agreed that if people did not go too far, we should not magnify it to become a question of principle, anyway, almost everyone will draw something in textbook, it could be regarded as a classroom sub-culture.

Du Fu lived from 712 until 770, writing almost 1,500 poems. Later, he became a greatly influential literary figure.

The Original portrait from textbook.

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