Top 20 China’s brand copycats

China’s Shanzhai (copycat) brand has always been hot topics among netizens, “Shanzhai” has become a culture of its own, symbolizing anything that imitates something famous to confuse consumers. Here is a list of top 10 China copycats of famous brands.

These Shanzhai products imitate from Nike, Adidas other high-end sports brand, to Armani, Prada and other luxury clothing brands, and to Hamburg Wang, Heineken beer and other brands, very funny.

“Nake” sports clothes,a copycat of sports brand “Nike”.

“Owega”, a clone of “Omeg”

“Panosaonic” is extremly similar with Japan`s “Panasonic”

Famous plastic slipper brand “Crocs” is coppied as “Corcs”

Imitate  of “Tide” as “Tihz”

“Johns Daphne” is a copycat of famous whisky brand “Jack Deniels”

“King Berger”, copycat of “Berger King”

“Anmani”,copycat of famous clothing brand “Armani”

Copycat of “Apple”

Copycat of of “Playboy”

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