10 Facts You Need to Know to Succeed in Dating Chinese Women

In recent years, relationships between Chinese women and non-Chinese men have become commonplace. Today, interracial couples can be seen everywhere not only in China but also in other Asian countries. Apparently, a lot of Chinese families gave up on the medieval view: nowadays, Chinese women date and marry foreign guys more frequently. Therefore, check out the 10 facts you should know if you want to build a relationship with a Chinese lady.

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1. Chinese women attach particular importance to the declarations of love.

The Chinese “爱” (“to love”) means “to care about someone” and to be ready to live together for life. Therefore, this phrase means a complete readiness for a serious relationship. But the words “我 喜欢 你” (“I like you”) indicate unserious romantic feelings.

2. Describing the appearance, the Chinese subdivide face into its constituent parts.

They say: “You are beautiful because you have big eyes/small mouth/white skin.” An ancient Chinese proverb says: “White skin erases three deformities.” Local ladies make incredible efforts to whiten their skin and avoid exposure to the sun in every possible way. To do this, they carry umbrellas on sunny days, wear caps with a mask of dark glass, and constantly use bleaching creams.

3. Chinese women always enter into romantic relationships with the thought of marriage.

For the vast majority of Chinese people, family and children are the main goals in life. By tradition, marriage in China involves living together until death.

4. In traditional China, it is not customary to show your feelings in public and touch each other.

Public hugs and even more kisses are considered indecent and obscene. Moreover, if a man touches a woman, then everyone around them believes that they are in a relationship.

5. Do not meet with a girl’s parents until you decide that your relationship is serious.

Even if the relationship is casual, you should still ask about the health of her parents, as well as pay attention to all other moments of their life that she mentions. It shows that you listen to her and are sincerely interested in the girl and her family.

6. When meeting with a girl’s parents, do not try to steal the show.

The family holds pride of place in the Chinese culture. If you want to win the respect of your girlfriend’s family and friends, be polite and unboastful, even if it is untypical for you.

7. You should be respectful when dealing with a Chinese girl.

Do not swear, use foul language, or vent your anger on a lady you like. Chinese women do not like hot-tempered men, and any temperamental outburst can cost you a relationship.

8. Do not drink too much alcohol, avoid smoking and drug taking when dating a Chinese lady.

The vast majority of modern Chinese women embrace sport and a healthy lifestyle. So, they will never date a foreign man who suffers with alcohol or drug addiction.

9. Get ready to splurge on a girl.

Chinese dates are far cry from the “gender equality” that Western men are used to. To prove that a girl is really important to you, you should try to please her in every possible way. This involves paying for her meals, shopping, and entertainment. Therefore, it is completely normal to invite a girl to a very expensive restaurant immediately after acquaintance.

10. Do not forget about gifts.

Chinese couples are very fond of giving each other presents. At the same time, it is best if your gift turns out to be functional. Also, avoid presents that are considered to be symbols of misfortune or death in China, for example, white cut flowers – the symbol of death, sharp objects such as knives – a symbol of conspiracy and even murder, and watches that remind a person that life goes too fast.

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