Who Benefit From Ugly “ Little Yue Yue” by Using Massive Appreciation of the Ugly

Oct 5 2010, Tianya netizen “Rong Rong” posted a live broadcast of the breathtaking Shanghai journey of the author’s classmate”Little Yue Yue” and her boyfriend “Little W”. This little girl quickly became very popular, and is called the “most outrageous girl in history” by netizens. Within only 3 days moren10 million netizens view the Little Yueyue’s National Day Shanghai journey.

Little Yueyue is only 150 centimeters tall and weighs 80 kilograms, she is very OPEN. Although she met only twice with her boyfriend “Little W”, Little Yueyue often pretended to faint under a pretense of hypoglycemia, took off all her clothes in front of Rong and her boyfriend W, played with a big sword in the hotel, sang tuneless rap songs at tourist attractions, spilled hot soup on herself in order to obtain consolation from her boyfriend in the Barabba Restaurant, and complained about the hot weather in Shanghai while wearing a thick sweater in an elevator.

Now, if you are still discussing “Little Yue Yue” on micro blogging, then you are OUT, because now people are focusing on “Plot behind Little Yue Yue ” and the interests chain.

It is unknown whether the “Little Yueyue” event is a gimmick or simply a netizen venting her real anger.

Some one say that “Little Yue Yue” is not like Fu Rong Jie Jie and Feng Jie who are the actual figures, then how to make money with this?  Chen Mo, the promoter who successfully bring out Fu Rong Jie Jie , said: “The website needs to win fame and network traffic, High hits means greater value.” Click rate means income from the ad and other forms.

Netizens quickly prostrate before Xiao Yue Yue in awe, even forming a “Worship Yue God Religion” organization.

The posts on Tianya.cn have received 10 million hits. While the two self-proclaimed “Zhang Rong” and “Xiao Yue” , the person of the parties of events, accuse each other out of nothing and tell tales, which make” Little Yue Yue” web page views soared.

On the biggest online store Taobao, shop owners now have already started selling clothing, shoes, bags, beauty cream, special badge and high heels related to “ Xiao Yue Yue” . Although nearly 30% of net users think that there is a strong suspicion that the post is speculation, but some also commented: “Whether Little Yue Yue is a real person or not it is already a success.”

Many experts do not want to talk about Little Yue Yue in an interview, they think this is another development ugly culture, it is despicable, and talking about is just for more attention.

Famous writer Han Haoyue, said: “I am not interested in that at all, it is a business trap, the stimulation of Ugliness, who combines a lot of ideas of ugliness on web, and it is an ugly complex, users are bored and like to like to fall into this trap even though they know it”

Now, a series of related comics are emerging online, it is clear that there is a shadow of the team behind the scenes. The Well-prepared marketing to the public has caused crowd to be frenzy.

 “Li Er” , the promoter who bring out “Angel Sister”  and  “Force out Wang Laoji”, reluctantly said: “We all are very sad.”

“We know that the network is contrary to traditional culture, the Internet shows two extremes, appreciation of the beauty the ugly, but now it is a challenge to the traditional aesthetic. Compared to Fu Rong Jie Jie, this time “Little Yue Yue” makes the appreciation of the ugliness and nausea superlative,I am the promoter of traditional aesthetic, I bring out the “Angel Sister” and the “Beautiful Cleaner”, but I do have to admit while the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs, now the appreciation of ugliness is very effective. “Li Er” said:” I certainly will not switch to the appreciation of Ugly. I feel ugliness has commercial value, but only guarantee of site traffic, And to the entire community, it only brings damage. Pursuit of beauty is nature of human beings; we committed to bring out characters and topic of virtue. ”

Features of Little Yue Yue

Like pretending to be younger:

1, childish speech

2, frequent pass out with the use of “low blood sugar, dizziness.”

3, This he is Just like Lin Daiyu and often recite the “flower funeral song”

Bold enough:

1, do not wear bras.

2, wear purple underwear, cut more holes on underwear to be more sexy.

3, Strip to seduce her boyfriend in front of the outsides

Poor hygiene:

1, brush body with a banana, eat banana peel.

2, Hand hold excrement

3,Eat and spit and then eat again when having porridge.

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