Wang Jie – Michael Jackson’s best imitator from China

Evening of 20 January 2011, a Michael Jackson memorial concert was held in Zadeh Stadium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and this 8,000 people stadium was fully occupied. When the Chinese guy Wang Jie sang song “Billie Jean”, the audience fans stood up, swaying and screaming to the music.

A number of Jackson’s imitators emerged in the last decade.  Among them, the one who looks like Jackson the most is Wang Jie.,who has a nick name of “Jackson Wang” as the best Chinese Michael Jackson imitator, Wang loves Michael Jackson and will keep on imitating him,

Today, this Michael Jackson imitator Wang Jie is not only hot in China, but also has been invited to the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and other places to do performance, known as “China’s Jackson.”

August 17, 1980, Wang Jie was born in Yucheng County, Henan Province. After graduating from junior high school, he went to study in a Computer Training school.

One day, one of his classmates played a VCD for him, a man wearing a black hat and suit is singing while shakes his head and rotates the body, Wang Jie was excited and intoxicated about this. Michael Jackson … … Since then, Wang Jie has remembered his name. Suddenly an idea went into his mind: Why could not he imitate Michael Jackson?

After a period of hard training, Wang Jie felt that he could try it on the stage.

One night, Wang Jie found the auditorium boss, saying he wanted to perform a song and dance of Michael Jackson on the stage. The boss immediately promised him: “You can perform tomorrow.

The next night, Wang Jie wore a new dress and imitated Jackson’s a dance, his magic dance won the warm applause. Since then, Wang Jie could play on stage every night, and he quickly became a signed performer of a nightclub.

As Wang Jie’s fame increased, he not only started tour performance, but also was repeatedly invited to Malaysia, Singapore, and he already owned many fans, people called him “Asia Jackson.”

June 26, 2009, Michael Jackson died, soon Wang Jie received the invitation from the Federation of Chinese Americans and went to New York, Washington and San Francisco to participate in a series of charity performances named “dream trip into the United States”. February 27, 2010, the first show was staged in New Jersey State Theater New York, when he finished imitating Jackson’s song, the audience responded with prolonged applause … …

January 20, 2011, he was invited by the United Arab Emirates and held a personal Michael Jackson’s Memorial concert at Abu Dhabi Zade Stadium,

From an ordinary young rural man to charm man of CCTV annual figure, to the “Outstanding Contribution Award” of Shanghai World Expo, to “Harmony Star” of the World Harmony Foundation, to 2010 China Internet celebrity Award and other honors, and performing abroad, Wang Jie became the most popular imitation artist from China.

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