Top 6 Ways to Study Chinese

I am not exactly sure the reason why, but today more and more foreigners, no matter they are in China or not, speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. Are you wondering how they can do it? Is it hard or easy? In this article, we want to share with you some great tips to help you get started to learn Mandarin

 1. Being confident to Study Learning Mandarin

how to learn Mandarin Chinese

Just like leaning anything, master a language needs confidence. It’s common to make a lot of mistake while you just get started, and you might feel frustrated as well. However, Chinese people are usually very friendly to foreigner and they are happy to give you some extra help for your language learning (for free in most case)

2. Learning Mandarin in a Systematic approach

How you want to learn Chinese is really up to your personal choice, but systematic approach is a key to master your Mandarin Chinese gradually. No matter you are going to China tomorrow, or decide to buy a book to learn by yourself. Learn it step by step in a systematic way. It’s impossible to master the language in just a few months and be patient in the whole learning process.

3. Your course materials is very important

Selecting books and text book is important for your Mandarin learning. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends which books they are studying. If you just get started, it’s good to ask your friends to maybe go to a library with you to give you some extra help for the recommendation

4. Be realistic for your study goals.

Setting a goal is important for you to keep track of your study. At the early stage, decide what kind of goals you want to achieve and keep working on it. I have heard some of the foreign friends that they just sign up for a course then they assume they can learn the language very soon. It’s not working in that way. No matter you want to study Mandarin to build up your CV or you want to communicate with your Chinese in-law. Be realistic.

5. Being in a Mandarin Learning community

If you are not in China right now, then find some friends that they also want to study Mandarin and learn the language together.  If not, join some online forums or facebook groups. It’s better to study in a group environment than do it all by yourself. If you are in China right now, then you are in a perfect environment. Don’t just always hang out with your western friends in western restaurants. Sometimes local restaurant is the best place for you to learn and practice real Chinese

6. Last but not least: Never give up

It’s common and sad to see so many people have great passion in the first few months but then they don’t see any progress and give up. Learning a language is a long process. You have to work hard right now then you can enjoy the benefits later. Good luck!

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