Top 6 most shocking & bizzare sculptures in China

The list of top 10 China`s strangest sculptures is far away from being official or anything like that, it’s Chinawhisper’s top 10k you won’t be disappointed – these sculptures will be your boredom killers for the next few minutes, feel free to share your findings by leaving a comment.

#1. Filial Pig Statue on landmark square in Zhengzhou

The sculpture features a female pig lying on the ground — with her left breast exposed — while a male pig stands behind it. To everyone with a gutter mind (that includes just about everyone), the pigs look as if they are doing it… doggie-style.

#2. Lao Tzu and Mongolian Chinese Statue in Guanghua School of Management in Tsing Hua University

A statue named “Mongolian Chinese,” is totally naked, with dark shining skin from top to toe and his genitals proudly on display. while 30 meters from the statue, The statue of Lao Tzu (604 BC-531 BC),the founder of Taoism, pokes out his tongue in bewilderment when faced with such a rude companion.


#3. Urumqi ‘Flying Apsara’ Sculpture

Urumqi’s newly completed “Flying Apsara” sculpture is covered with heavy makeup and color, with silk ribbons and colorful balls hung around its body. According to some netizens’ opinion, there is some disparity between the aesthetic standards of the city management department and the aesthetic standards of the masses.


#4. Nude Statue Placed in Residential Community in Guilin

A sculpture was erected in Guangyuan community of Guilin Road. The sculpture, is named Fu Lao (Help the Elderly People) showing an old man and two women in nude. The majority said the sculpture was too avant-garde and too shocking.

#5.Sculptures outside a public toilet in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality


#6. Specially designed stools in a park in Chongqing

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