Top 23 Versions of Monkey King

Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The novel  has been adapted into various versions of TV series and films.  And the image of Monkey King is always changing. Now let’s look what different versions of Monkey King look like:

1957 Zhu Bajie Competes For Marriage 《猪八戒招亲》, the Monkey King by Lu Shenxia (A poor make-up)

1967, The Spider Cave 《盘丝洞》. Actor: Zhou Longzhang

1975, The Red Boy 《红孩儿》, actor: Liu Qun (Is the Monkey King talking about himself)

1978, Journey to the West (Japan) 《西游记》, actor: Masaaki Sakai

1986, Journey to the West《西游记》, actor: Liu Xiao Ling Tong

1991, Go West to Subdue Demons《西行平妖》, actor: Dong Zhihua (The Monkey King has evolved completely)

1994, A Chinese Odyssey 《大话西游》, actor: Stephen Chow

1996 , Journey to the West《西游记》, actor: Dicky Cheung (I hate this version, the Monkey King always shouts and makes some moronic poses)

2000, Chun guang can lan Zhu Bajie 《春光灿烂猪八戒》, actor: Qu Zhongheng

2001,The Lost Empire 《失落的帝国·猴王》(America),actor:Russell Wong

2005,A Chinese Tall Story《情癫大圣》,actor:Bo-Lin Chen

2005,The Lotus Lamp《宝莲灯》,actor: Ding Jian (The Monkey King looks like a begger??)

2006,Journey to the West 《西游记》(Japan TV series),actro:Shingo Katori

2006,The Red Boy 《红孩儿》,Actor:Vincent Ng
2006,Magic Mobile Phone《魔幻手机》,actor:Ding Jian

2008,The Forbidden Kingdom《功夫之王》,actor:Jet Li

2009,Lotus Lantern prequel《宝莲灯前传》,acotor:Ding Jian

2010,Journey to The West《西游记》,actor:Fei Zhenxiang

2010,Xi You Ji《嘻游记》,actor:He Jiong

2011,Happy Marshal《欢乐元帅》,actor:Fei Zhenxiang

2011,Super Monkey Returns《西游记归来》(Korea),actor:Kim Byung-man

2012,Journey to The West 《西游记》,actor:Wu Yue

2013,The Monkey King《大闹天宫》,actor:Donnie Yen

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  1. DS says:

    1986 version is the best hehe

  2. Sempai Johnien says:

    Awesome,BT the official Journey to the west remains the best.

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