Top 15 Chinese to English Translation Failures

Accurately translating text from Chinese to English can be a hard job. The two languages are so different, both grammatically and phonetically. And Chinese small businesses often don’t have enough money to employ a proper translator and can only rely on machine translation (like google translator) instead. So the translations are sometimes odd and nonsensical, and even hilarious.

Check out the top 15 Chinese to English translation failures below and see which one you think is the funniest, and most important of all, avoid making these kinds of grammatical mistakes!

fuck_vegetablesWhat they meant to say: Cup.

fuck_vegetables 2What they meant to say: Dried Vegetables

funny chinese english translation 1What they meant to say: Adult Shop.

Kulturschock / Sonja Piontek / ChinglischWhat they meant to say: Please keep quiet when chanting

funny chinese english translation 3What they meant to say: Caution, Wet Floor

Kulturschock / Sonja Piontek / ChinglischWhat they meant to say: Bicycle Parking Lot

funny chinese english translation 5What they meant to say: Exit

funny chinese english translation 6What they meant to say: Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce

funny chinese english translation 7What they meant to say: Registration

funny chinese english translation 8What they meant to say: No Crossing, Danger Deep Water

funny chinese english translation 9What they meant to say: Hand Dryer

funny chinese english translation 10What they meant to say: Office

funny chinese english translation 11What they meant to say: Dried Orange Peel,Dried Ginger, Milkwort Root

funny chinese english translation 12What they meant to say: Hot Dog Doughnuts

funny chinese english translation 130What they meant to say: Please wait behind the one meter line

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  1. ECNY says:

    Google Translate turns 请在一米线外等候 into “Please wait a noodle outside”.

  2. someguy says:


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