Top 10 X-rated Movies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong movie rating system divides movies into three levels. Category III films usually refer to those in which pornographic scenes feature largely. If rated as level three, it means the film has sex scenes and only for persons aged 18 and above. The early period of Hong Kong movie industry saw a large number of Hong Kong Category III films, and also brought forward lots of third-grade film stars such as Simon Yam, Anthony Wong, Loretta Lee, Amy Yip, Veronica Yip, Shu Qi and Shu-Jen Chiou. They all later had a successful transition, but their bold performances during that time have been affecting countless young people. Here is a list of the the top 10 X-rated Hong Kong films, actresses in these movies were always beautiful and charming and captivating.

1. 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy 3D 肉蒲团之极乐宝鉴

Claimed to be “The world’s first 3D porn movie”, 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a 3-D erotic costume film released in 2011. The movie is adapted from The Carnal Prayer Mat, a Chinese erotic novel of the Qing Dynasty and gathers lots of gorgeous X-rated actresses from Hong Kong and Japan. The movie uses the most advanced 3D stereoscopic technology and presents “plenty of bare breasts and swaying bottoms” on movie screen for the first time. 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is banned in mainland China for its sex scenes.

2. Pretty Woman 卿本佳人

Pretty Woman is a 1992 Hong Kong film starring Veronica Yip and Charlie Cho. The movie’s story-line is bad but Veronica Yip’s sexy performance add much color to the movie. In the movie Veronica Yip removes clothes and faces lens straightly, which helps her acquire fame immediately.

3. Cash on Delivery 与鸭共舞

Cash on Delivery
is a 1992 Hong Kong film starring Simon Yam, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Veronica Yip. The story is about the tragic love between a prosecutor Sandy (Sandra Ng Kwan Yue) and a retired gigolo Simon (played by Simon Yam). Veronica Yip’s performance makes the film classified as Category III. In the film Yip plays the role of a rich lady and the sex scene with Yam is excellent.

4. Erotic Ghost Story 3 灯草和尚

Erotic Ghost Story 3 is a 1992 Hong Kong Category III film starring Pauline Chan Bo-Lin. The story tells between a swordsman Chu Chung and a beautiful girl in a portrait. The leading role Pauline Chan participated in 1990 Miss Asia Contest but did not win any title, however, her buxom figure, sweet look attract attention of local film producers. He was later invited to play the leading role in Erotic Ghost Story 3. Her bold performance in the film helped her become a famous sex symbol in Greater China regions.

5. Crazy love 蜜桃成熟时

Crazy love is one of the Loretta Lee’s x-rated representative works. The film tells the story of a girl who takes revenge on her cheating boyfriend by having sex with different men. The film has high reputation in third-grade films and in addition to Loretta’s erotic performance, the pictures and plot are also very good.

6. Sex and Zen II 玉蒲团之玉女心经

Sex and Zen II is another Loretta’s film after Crazy Love. The film is also the first Level Three film of Shu Qi after her arrival in Hong Kong. The passionate scene by Loretta Lee and Shu Qi at the end of the film is very classic and the story itself is also very good and well-told. With this movie Loretta Lee and Shu Qi almost replaced the position of Veronica Yip in Hong Kong’s Level Three film industry.

7. Ancient Chinese Whorehouse 青楼十二房

Ancient Chinese Whorehouse is a 1994 Hong Kong film starring Yvonne Yung Hung, Kent Cheng Juk-Si and Tsui Kam-Kong. Under the control of Yvonne Yung Hung the fiercely competitive whorehouse uses various odd sex toys,  the scene of “national hero” making love with “Persian” really brings the movie to a thrilling climax, and plus the display of a variety of new stuff and its laughing plots, all these became the mainstream of the future Level Three movies. Besides the story is also very touching, it was said that some audience were even in tears while watching the movie.

8. Hidden Desire  我为卿狂

When it comes to this film, many people’s first impression is Veronica Yip, after all, Hidden Desire is one of the her masterpieces. But, to be honest, if in the absence of Charlie Cho and Rena Murakami, the film will definitely be one of the worst movies. Veronica’s performance in the film is not comparable with Murakami Rena, no matter appearance, figure or acting, for this film alone, Murakami Rena is number one successful factor of the film.

9. Viva Erotica 色情男女

Viva Erotica is a 1996 Hong Kong sex-comedy film directed by Derek Yee and starring Leslie Cheung, Hsu Chi, Ching Wan Lau and Anthony Wong. The film tells a story that a has-been director has to shoot the x-rated story for survival, reflecting the bitterness and plight of x-rated film crews in Hong Kong, and it also metaphorically reveals the difficult situation of Hong Kong films those days. The film comes back to how the Category III film is shot and returns to the Hong Kong film itself. It is a special work for in Hong Kong’s Category III films industry.

10. Sex and Zen 玉蒲团之偷情宝鉴

Sex and Zen is a 1991 Hong Kong erotic comedy film starring Lawrence Ng and Amy Yip. Lawrence Ng gives people a impression of a quiet and gentle man, and his role as an elegant doctor in the movie Healing Hands is very famous. However, in Sex and Zen he gives us a big surprise and “makes love” with a number of women separately. In the film the failed Miss Asia Contest candidate Zhou Hong also rose to fame overnight with this film.

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