Top 10 Famous Chinese Breasts

Women have always been very persistent in pursuing beautiful boobs, their beautiful breasts make men yield to the temptation. Below is my list of the 10 Chinese celebrities with the most tempting breasts.

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1. A Duo 阿朵
A Duo is a beautiful Chinese singer, her body seems always to be so energetic that it may break out any time. She really deserves the title of “Breast Queen”, her big breasts always shake with her dynamic songs, making people indulge in fantasy.

2. Christy Chung 钟丽缇
Christy Chung is Chinese-Canadian actress. She was born to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother.  Although being a mother, she still looks very hot and often wears silk dress with big breasts under it, her curly hair, long neck and hot body shows her fatal enticement completely.

3. Tien Hsin 天心
Beautiful Tien Hsin is known as Taiwan’s “Big Breast Goddess”. her large boob size even became a hot subject in Taiwan and Hong Kong tabloid presses. Her sex appeal can kill a man!

4. Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei 林熙蕾
Kelly is a Taiwan actress and model who often appears in Hong Kong films. She was hailed by FHM as “Asia’s Sexiest Woman” in 2002. Her vegetarian diet once makes her breast “shrink”, however after she accepted a series of treatment, massage and took a special diet, her breast size increased from 33C the present 34D, regaining title of “Taiwan’s Sexy Goddess”.

5. Cecilia Cheung 张柏芝
It is reported that Cecilia has received two breast reconstructions. Her breast size increased so much that many people teased her breast like two large implants hung in front of her chest. However, we have to admit that she is really very charming.

6. Lynn Hung 熊黛林
Lynn Hung is a Chinese model and actress. She is very elegant & sophisticated!  Her pretty breast is is a perfect killer and all men will be enraptured by her beautiful body.

7.  Vivian Hsu   徐若瑄
Although Vivian is already over 30-year-old she still looks like a 18-year-old little girl with curling eyelashes, she is so sweet and innocent just like a little Barbie. However, when she danced in a ultra-low V skirt, her white breast immediately attracted our eyes.

8. Bianca Bai 白歆惠
Bianca is a well-known Taiwan model and actress. She is very confident with her body. She is always natural to show her fine figure in public.

9. Gong Xinliang 巩新亮
Actress Gong Xinliang exposed her right breast to camera accidentally when she appeared at the closing ceremony of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival. She seemed to be following the footsteps of Internet sensation woman Gan Lulu.

10. Bella Chen 陈禹涵
Bella Chen is a beautiful Taiwanese model and singer who started her career by being a winner of Miss Asia 2006 Beauty Pageant. She owns amazing 36D cup boobs.

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  1. Hasna Abiyya says:

    These Girls Are So Cute Yeah.
    So Sexy, Their Boobs are Gilly. i wanna suck thats.

  2. Jack says:

    A duo, Christy Chung, Lyn Hung, Tien hsin and Bianca bai are the hottest.. Just wanna suck and fuck them..

  3. Bijir says:

    I wanna marry lynn hung

  4. chiobu says:

    hmm…. busty cleavages…. delicious!

  5. Singapore Pretty Girls says:

    yummy… feel like grabbing

  6. Zzz says:

    Bianca bai.. Grab my balls please

  7. Seth says:

    Delish! Sexy Breast at last! I wanna see the the full body, i am a white man.

  8. Hassan says:

    Lynn Hung 熊黛林 is the most beautiful and attractive even from her boobs and face.. love it..

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