Top 10 Dreams of Chinese People

A Chinese website made an investigation into Chinese people`s dreams & desires. More than 70 percent of voters chose to have more money, and traveling around the world ranks second.  Here check all the 10 luxury dreams of Chinese people below.

1, More money 72.68%

Over 70 percent of Chinese people put “more money” as their greatest desire without any hesitation. While most Chinese people are not willing to disclose their true income and financial situation.

2. Travel around the world 65.12%

Ten years ago, Chinese often choose to visit miniature world theme parks to relive their desiger of traveling around the world. But today they prefer to raise digital camera and take photos in fromt of world famous tourist spots.

3, China to be Mr Big in the world  54.09%

This desire ranks third, however some do not agree that China “to be Mr Big.” in the world. But the majority are willing to see China`s rise as Great Power in the world.

4. Own luxury cars 48.50%

luxury car

In Chinese poeple`s mind, luxury cars are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. People are eager to end the on-foot travel mode and go anywhere in the country in a comfort car. This dream guarantees Chinese automotive industry a good future.

5. Live in villas 48.27%

Chinese ultimate luxury desire for house is to live in a luxury villa, which is the “the most poetic dwelling” that Chinese could think about.

6. Read books 45.23%

Instead of reading paper books, the young generation are more willing to get knowledge through media – Internet, mobile phones and even games. In a way, this is not because Chinese people love reading, but for we are at an age of information explosion.

7 Make friends everywhere!   44.39%

This desire seems logical in the Age of Internet. With the support of instant message apps like QQ, MSN, long distance separates no bosom friends.

8. Become a boss 37.03%

Owning a business is a desire for every Chinese people. They hope to have wealth and free style life at the same time.

9.  Hit the jackpot 26.85%

People can often read stories via newspaper or internet that someone won the jackpot. So many Chinese dream of winning the lottery and become an overnight millionaire.

10. Have a love affair 25.67%

Having a love affair is often compared to “Luck of Peach” in Chinese.  If they can not get their “Peach” this year, they will dream of receving it the next year.

4 Responses

  1. some guy says:

    why do you need 10 points? they are all the same. i think just 1 point can sum it all up: 1. more money

    • Peter Wang says:

      People can satisfy one’s many desires with money, but money isn’t everything. people can not get many things with money, like knowledge and real friends.

      • some guy says:

        oh the irony! you are contradicting your own article!!
        travel around the world – if you have money. own luxury cars – if you have money. rise of china – economically – more money. live in villas – if you have money. become a boss – more money. make friends – if you have money you got more “friends”. hit the jackpot – more money. have a love affair – if you have money (diaosi will have to play with his number 2 again tonight)

  2. Alex says:

    These are not Chinese dreams. These are people dreams.

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