Top 10 Countries That Love (and Hate) China the Most

With the fast development of China’s economy, more and more people begin to believe that China will supplant the U.S. as the world’s dominant superpower, and people all over the world start to shift their focus to China. What does the world think of China? Below are countries that like and dislike China most, according to the surveys on 39 nations conducted by Pew in 2013.

china flag foreignerHere are the 10 countries where people have the most favorable opinions of the China. China always stood by Pakistan through thick and thin. So that’s why Pakistanis like China most.

Pakistan (81%)
Malaysia (81%)
Kenya (78%)
Senegal (77%)
Nigeria (76%)
Indonesia (70%)
Ghana (67%)
Brazil (65%)
Tunisia (63%)
Chile (62%)

Below are the top 10 countries that hate China the most. The Japanese has the most negative view toward China – 95% of Japanese dislike China. Territorial disputes and historical problems are the two most important factors.

Japan (95%)
Turkey (73%)
U.S. (73%)
Italy (72%)
Germany (72%)
Czech Rep. (66%)
Israel (62%)
Jordan  (60%)
France (58%)
Canada (57%)

What is your attitude towards china? Let us know your opinions by leaving comments below.

177 Responses

  1. lee says:

    by the way, the more you hate china , the more it indicates that, you and your country is inferior to china, or at least you feel so.

    i have never heard any affluent up middle class people in usa slurring china or chinese .

    indians, vietnamese,filipinos, mogolians, indonesians,singaporeans… either poor or highly depending on china or even worse by being a loser and inferior party of thousands of years , have fully good reason to hate their better.

    and by the way, i m a chinese gay. i have been to all the countries mentioned above,and, i penetrated at least 1 man from each of these countries. i find pilipino men most agreeable , they had nice attitude to me once i revealed my nationality and they did know how to give a wonderful mouth job.

  2. lee says:

    1 you chinese haters must have never visited china . if you come, you will find out china is not a communist china, instead it is more america than america.

    2. we chinese , i mean ,the well educated ones, dont really like pakistani, we treat them same as indians. probably we hold india higher, at least indian left its charm in the history of ancient china.

    3 personally, i, being a chinese, have been to almost every asian country.i find vietnamese childish and untrustworthy,indians dirty and narrow minded, filipinos pathetic and poor and diffident (especially in front of chinese), turkish ugly and stuck up, pakistani prrtentiously hospitable, mongolian violent and broke, japanese hypocritical , north korean servile to chinese, south korean hilariously conceited while singaporeans , hongkongers , taiwanese top this list by their wide eye blindness , people from these 3 places are brain washed to a funny level. they may visit china more than 100 times ,but they choose to believe what they are taught by the media over what they virtually see and experience in china. funny singapireans, is china a communist country ?and you dislike it for this ?wake up , bro, your chinese boss will be upset and fire you, if you dare let him know your true attitude towards him, and this is why you “dislike” china. my sincere advice for singaporeans is to keep kowtowing to china and shut up !

    4 eventually or otherwise negligently, let us come down to the vietnamese. actually, no chinese give any attention to vietnam. it is just an automatic response for me to “mention” vietnam, after i see tons of comments by vietnamese. funny tiny country,female screwed by chinese, male enslaved in chinese factories.

    • Elona says:

      The WHO is ugly is you, you country is hell ok, you country kill millons of People’s ever year

    • Lee dad says:

      You call Indians narrow mind!!!! Okay tell my why China betrayed India in 1965 and started the war. Fuck off Chinese ass and Lee, you must lick them as well….. Motherfucker

    • Lee grandpa says:

      You had illegally occupied majority parts of Tiber and Lhasa, and now focusing on while china sea. Son of bitch. According to you, whole world is of China. Narrow mind puppies.

  3. Akhilesh Sharma Pandit says:

    I love America I love Americans I have a tremendous respect for them.

  4. Akhilesh Sharma Pandit says:

    But I love USA so much its my Favourite Country.

  5. Akhilesh Sharma Pandit says:

    I hate China and Pakistan because they r the main Enemies of India and these both stupid countries don’t know the Indian Power.

    • JOSHUA ARUL says:

      Truly I hate the countries which are being competitive to my country

    • Max Jiwean says:

      Come on, no one even mention India, Just stay modest u guys still got a lonnnnnnng way to go. I never hear anyone from US or China even Russia keep telling people on internet “Hey we r fuking powerful” . U guys need to stop cuz that’s really annoying.

    • lee says:

      indians are stupid and smelly, go home and have a bath before uttering any shit!

    • puthly says:

      Sorry,I think America is actually the country who dislike other countries most.

  6. Nick says:

    Actually, Vietnamese hate Chinese for those tbousand years they’ve invaded us. And you know what, they’re still doing it. It’s like every empire of china has to invade Vietnam once at least. And just don’t understand It’s not East Vietnam Sea, or West Philipines Sea etc but South China Sea ??? Euh. And you should stand in one vietnamese shoes before saying that. Because from we were born. All idioms and word phrases all told us the only true enemi is the “north”. Actually the old empire Vietnam has invaded Champa, not like the way china did. Champa give 2 lands to Vietnam just to have a princess from VN. And the cambodia then was in such a mess, the land of saigon is, in history was found and built by vietnam. And also, after thousand of war with china, and three wars with mongo, we’re still here the vietnam.

    • puthly says:

      I’m so sorry,actually,as Chinese,we don’t like some of the ancient emperors either.Now,we Chinese love peace and we have a great leader.And Vietnam is a beautiful country.

  7. Maaz khan says:

    We hate india so much.

  8. Maaz khan says:

    We love chaina. Long live Pakistan chaina friendship.

    • Your dad says:

      Don’t lick china ass, now or later they will betray you for sure. And the major reason for you all to support China coz your majority of economy depends on Chinese litter. Go grab them.

  9. Anas says:

    Wrong… Pakistan 81%??? No man… Pakistan 95% love….

  10. Gen says:

    I have friends in Viet Nam and Philippine. I like and respect them. But if people outside China hate all Chinese/China, then I hate them too, not the country. Hate may lead the conflicts between two countries. Always the weak one will be suffered, believe the history.
    I like and admire Indian. I like Japanese and I speak Japanese, I like American too.

  11. William Wynn says:

    I am English, and I hate China extremely because of Communism rule. Also, they have deliberately engineered a horror famine to starve the English and other people of British ancestry left in that country after Communism has taken power.

  12. Chi-Ken Wing says:

    Countries that hate People’s Republic of China, PRC, the most:

    1) Hong Kong (illegally occupied by PRC)
    2) Republic of China (Taiwan),
    3) Tibet (illegally occupied by PRC)
    4) XinJiang (Western autonomous region currently illegally occupied by PRC)

    • vicang says:

      Your research is most one sided. Probably the question that you posed was: Do you hate/love China? Why single it out on China? A more unbiased question to ask would be: Which Asian countries do you hate most 1-10? I am sure China will not come out as number 1. China never was an aggressor to greater Asia. The only aggressor to Asia was Japan and I am sure the number of people who hate Japan would be in the billions.

    • William Wynn says:

      Also, British descendants living in illegally occupied Little England in Southern China.

  13. ABC Guy says:

    First off, the author is foolish to even dream up a topic like; who likes me/hates me? Does the US ask these questions? How about the Brits? See what I mean?

    • Another ABC Guy says:

      They do, but it’s not done by the average person – it’s done by the government, and they don’t publish it for the public to view. They use it to make strategies called foreign policy.

      Idk about you, but I’m glad that this person actually is concerned about the well-being of their country on an objective level, rather than consuming biased western mass media and mindlessly obsessing over things like Nicki Minaj.

      And it case that wasn’t explicit enough, you’re kinda foolish for being so ignorant.

  14. The Quebecor says:

    Sorry “Vietnam Lover” if you say that vietnameses are 100% chinese blood. You false because you should know there is about 54 ethnics(khmer,laotian,cham,indian,thai,etc.) in the country! Before the vietnameses came in the country, the South Vietnam belonged to Cambodia. And sorry, but I’m not 100% chinese like the others vietnameses like you said before… My father is half vietnamese half french, my mother is vietnamese-cambodian half indian! Don’t tell me that you love Vietnam and you know our history because for me you’re a chinese immigrant. I hate when chineses immigrants arrived to Vietnam and they change their identity,their name and last name. Why? You are ashamed of your nationality? For us you are like them. A chinese. I can tell you that all my immigrants friends (algerian,marocan,colombian,philipinos,etc…) say the same thing: they are in the country for the benefits but you are nothing simply boasters,scammers,stingy,liars and profiteers. So please think before you say something because I hate those who do not respect my country and my origins. If you respect us, we respect you China. Vive la liberté au Canada!

  15. CHEN says:

    Glad to meet you here.I want to talk about my opinions.

    Is there any perfect country?How can you judge a country even you don’t understand it?

    I’m Chinese,and I’ve lived many years in this land.I saw people here struggle to live,I also saw riches enjoy their life.I heard news reporting how poisonous the oil is,I also heard friends praising delicious dishes.I know corruption in politcian,I also know our leaders trying to a better development for our country.I went to dirty,poor villages,I also went to clean,fantastic streets.Obviously,Our country has many problem waiting to be solved,and as the new generation of China,me and my friends,we are trying to change it.

    About hate,some guys mentioned invade.Honestly,several years ago,I hate Japanese very much,mainly because our history,but now,I don’t.Hate make individuals stupid.I don’t want hate stops me from learning their good qualities.Besides,information from the historical book is not always correct.You must understand that words spread one by one will be somewhat different from the beginning.Even the news you heard,especially about politics

    Finally, I want to tell you,there is so many people in China,it means many types of them.SO you’d better not comment us with the same word.But it is clear that we are friendly to people who wants to be friends:)

  16. Oscar Nguyen says:

    Even Usa hates China? Perfect. Usa could be stronger than China. I always knew that lots of countries hate China. Yes China is a cruel and savage place. Their people are so aggressive. I suggest every country that hates China should watch out what they might do in the future.

  17. Ben says:

    Most chinese are kind to others. and hardworking for living without any health insurance. Pay high price in hospital…You first should accused Communist regime full of corruption, accused the devil Marx.
    We are waiting communist collapse,then one powerful new china will awake.
    Most chinese people dislike and hate and dont believe present china government.
    Above all. chinese(99%) hate china is No.1. Japan(95%)rank No.2

  18. Amel says:

    If you permit me to comment, I’d prefer to complain to the author of this subject. PLEASE don’t write such sensitive topics, it’s easily to rise tense, provoke countries to war. You say a country maybe like/hate china, but not all the citizens like/hate this country. Like or hate is subjective thought, anyway. Please consider carefully. It’d better if you give another useful informations which will make this world unite in harmony. Thanks for your attention.

  19. random spanish says:

    I dont know anything about why the Viets hate the chinese, however I do study history. Guess who protected Vietnam and ho chi minh… the Chinese! More Chinese soldiers died protecting Vietnam than Viet soldiers. The Viets dont know thanks giving or what? I was surprised when seeing those from vietnam commenting here insulting the Chinese.

  20. wahaaj tahir says:

    the one and only reason me and many many other peope hate china is the way they slaughter cats and dogs .theve created a hell on earth for animals and the most disturbing fact is that the government takes no action against people that so badly abuse animals . i think if china bans these practices many people will favour china and this will help in chinas economicall growth

  21. ong_tien says:

    Missing. 100% Vietnamese hate hate hate hate hate hate….. china.

  22. haiefbak says:

    Judging ppl by their nationalities is the most stupid thing i think.
    and only ppl with lower society role would do this bcs they couldnt find a high class group to belong to but their nationality…
    i am chinese living in NL. i dont care where my friends r from,

  23. Karan says:

    I really think China is an amazing country! It is overcome distasters, wars, corruption, etc. but China is not innocent. Just because they have the largest army on THE PLANET doesn’t mean they have to go steal land from India, Taijikistan, Vietnam, and many others! Also, since they declared themselves a nation in 1949, they kill 1.2 million people in Tibet to get control of more land! They torture the people of East Turkestan (now Xinjiang) who are protesting for freedom because they don’t have religious rights! China maybe great but what is that when you make so many others miserable?

  24. Aditya says:

    I respect the religion of China but I don’t like the attitude of China towards neighbour country INDIA

  25. Larry Lee says:

    Plz fuck us western monkey , u motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. rinku says:


  27. rinku says:

    I am indian……china is good friend for us …….indian have positive few for china…………
    But …..china should not support terrorist country pakistan……..

  28. shuresh says:

    Am a indian,i love china most.A survey says 50% of indians love china and only 19% with negative view.LOVE YOU CHINA

  29. Old man says:

    People who like to hate are like contaminated food , better avoid it. Hitler and Theresa or MahatmaGandhi are not the same kind of person.

  30. Neymar says:

    I am from Brazil and brazilians love everybody but Argentineans.

  31. grubbby says:

    you people who hate china is just a peace of shit ,we dont care a less about you. and I will kill you at first if we start war to each other. fucking stupid south asia

  32. grubbby says:

    Yes,I see so many people hate china. and what can you do to china?you were just shit ….. China is the world most oldest and cleverest nation on the earth.

  33. Cem Nalbantoglu says:

    Well I am from Turkey, and I ve been living in China for a quiet long time now. I should say, it is not exactly hatred the Turkish people feels against China/Chinese. I believe, it roots in the ignorance of our people. Because, the only solid(!) knowledge about China comes from the manipulated news of the media whom only seeks to attract the ignorant audience by showing “bug eating” Chinese people.

    Secondly, I believe, it is not exactly against Chinese culture, society or the state itself, but it is because of the rising tradition of nationalism and religious outbreak. Personally, I do not consider that there is an actual hatred towards Chinese, but its actually a result of long going enemy making policies.

  34. Booby Oswald says:

    It’s true that China is a f**king asshole country. I also hate China very much. Vietnam?.

  35. Em says:

    Philippines Hate China (99.9%)
    Fucking territorial stealer.

  36. jk says:

    India hates china the most . Actually India and Russia are the only asian power that can fight china , in case of a war . India has several missile silos at the china border and several navy vessels ready to get into action , specially dedicated to chinese treat .

  37. Hocting680 says:

    Vietnam hates China so much more than China hates Vietnam, that’s why Vietnam is boycotting China. China has less allies while USA has more allies than China. China usually has 6 allies while USA has 70 allies, and guess what, most of USA’s allies are much far more superior than China’s allies. 91% more countries hate China much more than the the countries that love China.

  38. mpk says:

    i hate china is using our selfish politicians to steal our resources especially in zimbabwe.we suffer because of china.

  39. brazilian one says:

    Brazil is the only country in the world that loves USA and China at the same time. It seems to be the only country that loves Japan also (it´s true, go to Brazil and see how many chinese and japanese restaurants are, as well as Kung Fu and Karate dojos, and chinese and japanese schools).

    On the other hand, I discovered that unfortunatelly japanese treat brazilians as criminals when they go to Japan as tourists…

  40. Lisa says:

    you are non sense guy to put this matter in relationship between papa and child. should think properly and make compare in advance, dude. We are talking about chinese characterize…….

  41. Jeff says:

    It is very funny, Our country (the US) invaded Vietnam, but this ridiculous country now wants to unite with us. China supported Vietnam against us in the past. Now they hate this country. I think Vietnam is ungrateful and behaves like a clown, the whole country is now a scoff of the world.

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Guy, what is your fucking speak. We can not live with the past when the world turn and change every day. The past is over completely. The old chinese is gone, now is new generation and new chinese character, new chinese dreams, we are hating chinese from what we are seeing chinese at the moment, foolest and non sense dude.

  42. lanjiao says:

    I’m from China and I hate vietnamese, like a sombohdee fuc u bic!

  43. Hocting680 says:

    Let’s boycott China and all “Made in China” products!

  44. Hocting680 says:

    Pretty America hates China, too. China has been messing up and destabilizing the economy of the United States of America. The whole entire world hates China so bad and the most. Including Vietnam. Vietnam also hates China very bad, too.

  45. Zeeshan Riaz says:

    we love pakistan & china. Long live pak china friendship

  46. anonymous says:

    Should put HongKong and Taiwan too
    A lot of Hong Kongers and Taiwaneses dislike Chinese

  47. toto says:

    Philippines hates china so much!

  48. julius says:

    Maybe All filipinos really hates China.about 99.8% hates chinese.

  49. Trent says:

    Replace the hate with love. Nothing will come out of hate but hate. Just love and support each other.

  50. Quyen says:

    I am Vietnamese and i don’t like Chinese. Yes. BUT i feel so EMBARRASSED and DISAPPOINTED about my Vietnamese those who talk bad and impolitely about Chinese. It just shows that those Vietnamese are uneducated and have a narrow mind. Understanding that Chinese have done a lot of bad things to our country but Vietnamese is also greed and cruel so that their bad product be able to import to Vietnam. also corruption is really worst in VN and all that.
    I am Vietnamese doesn’t mean that i will advocate for Vietnam and talk bad about Chinese. I know there is no country has only bad people so China too. And i really really hope that our Vietnamese are more equity, realized our bad side to improve and make Vietnam become stronger.
    (tôi là người Việt và điều đó không có nghĩa là tôi luôn bênh vực cho VN và nói xấu người Trung Quốc. Không có đất nước nào chỉ toàn người xấu và TQ cũng vậy. Tôi thật sự hi vọng rằng người Việt Nam hãy luôn công bằng, tự nhận ra mặt xấu của đất nước để cải thiện và làm cho Viet Nam mạnh mẽ hơn.)

  51. Uncle Deban says:

    The rodents(chinese)…well a billion of them could be exterminated,say pushed into a lava flow thus leaving no evidence of their exsistance but there still be 300 million of the b’stards alive.Then again I would like to thank the chinese for giving me such a hearty laugh.Watching on newsreel the relatives crying & wailing due to the lost of their loved ones on that Malay aircraft.Nice to know they’ve given back to the oceans after all they’ve taken out.

    • Jeff says:

      If China is willing to, they can exterminate all Vietnamese in just several minutes right now with nuclear bombs and without a bone left.

    • truth says:

      Mankinds as “Uncle Deban” are garbages and wastes. These lazy, stupid and evil beings’s only function is to damage humanity and world with their hateful minds.. hope they go back to hell soon!

    • Suri says:

      I guess we could say the same when Japan or Phillipines being fucked up by nataural disasters…

  52. Uncle Deban says:

    The chinese are rodents,they’re everywhere,eat anything & spread desease.Well call me racist but wait a minute isn’t this a ‘free’ speech society & I can have preferances.

    • Asian says:

      Chinese have high IQ and they are very hard working. You stupid lazy low class idiots hate these smart and productive people. The world will be much better without the wastes like you, useless at all.

  53. msian says:

    Now all Malaysians hate rude ungrateful selfish China

  54. thailand says:

    i hate chinese and china very so much

    • mongo says:

      You are very welcomed to announce yourself to be the enemy of 1/4 humanity on the earth. Please post your name.

  55. thailand says:

    chinese is very damn

  56. Fire Li says:

    Yo, French people don’t hate Chinese, they treat Chinese very friendly.

  57. ash says:

    Why isn’t new zealand listed on countries that hate china?
    Where do these statistics come from?
    Surely you’ve excluded valuable hate from a lot of other Anglo countries whom all hate chinese people / china.

    • truth says:

      New Zealand and Australia are like colonies of China now.. their economy are too dependent on China .. they will knee down to beg China
      even they dislike China

  58. lll says:

    well i’m from Mongolia … our people fully agreed just two things not pee against the wind 2.hate chinese … on our land the statehood stabilized last 22 centuries , this long lasting time we fighting and punching with those damn chinese all the time. truly and undoubtedly they are the most arrogant, barbaric, dirty, born to be lying piece of shits on this planet.

    • Jeff says:

      As i know Mongolians are the laziest animal in the world.

      • truth says:

        Mongolians are not only lazy and stupid but also very brutal and evil. . the whole world history described them as barbarians.. only knew killing and destroy, have never made any contribution to the civilization.

        It is the Chinese brought you civilization and taught you how to write and read. they have tried very hard to convert these mankind who tare ver close to animals

        • Jay says:

          Chinese isn’t brought read and write to mongolia Chinese goverment spread false information to there people about mongolia.Where is chinese brought civilization they aren’t civilized ownself even in 21 century allready.These communist named people are shit jeez.Mongolians civilized more then anyone

  59. bihaberim says:

    orta asya ile ilgili çok fazla bilgim yok. enerji durumu, rekabet, büyük güçlerin rekabeti…

    yalnız nefret tamamen ekonomik nedenlere bağlanmaz. ideolojiktir, duygusaldır.

    ben en çok ingilizlerden nefret ederim çünkü onlarla çok defa savaştık ve milletlerin kültürlerinin yozlaşmasına neden oluyorlar. çeşitli bahanelerle iş içişlerimize karıştılar.

    fransızlardan nefret ederim. bu nefretimin kaynağı belli değil ancak türkler genellikle fransızlardan nefret ederler.

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    kürtler türkçülüğün doğurduğu kanlı bir çocuktu. değişen dünya sisteminde çocuğumuzu hiçbir zaman öksüz bırakmadık ve bırakmayacağız.

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    bu türkiye için bir felaket olur.

    elbette küresel oyunlarda biz de var olacağız ancak demokrasi nimetinden soyutlanarak değil.

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  60. Pride says:

    LOL France hates China because China fought bravely during ww2.

  61. Peter1995 says:

    Since when did Japan is ranked number 1 ??? I’m a vietnamese and Yes, i know alots and i do mean ALOT of vietnamese hate chinese but I don’t think the Japs hate them. I’m currently studying in U.S and I have alots of Japanese friends and indonesian friends + chinese friends too ^^ ! WE asians are like a big family ! We going out, party together, We are having so much fun together :). It’s just all about stereotyping and the mainstreams media that made all the Asians countryies hate each other. My japanese friend is really sweat and he’s my best friend and i knew him from a CHINESE FRIEND of MINE. We always speaks english infront of each other because it’s considered really rude to speaks your native language …

  62. 9.dashed.brain says:

    Vietnam, the Philippines, Norway and India are not here. It’s unfathomable how you can make this mistake. Either you’re biased or you write poor articles. take your pick.

  63. Jonathan Wong says:

    And the sheep still back their “beloved” Chinese Government for whatever reason. You people are hopeless. Literally hopeless.

  64. Marc says:

    Funny most Chinese outside China hate China as well. Like people in Hong Kong and Taiwan hate China.

    • 薛柏诚 says:

      And Singapore

    • Alison says:

      Sorry. People from Taiwan are not all Chinese. Many people from Taiwan regard themselves as Taiwanese, not Chinese. Just like you don’t call a Canadian as French, Englishman…etc.

      • Paleschenko says:

        Right, as I know, people from HongKong also regard themselves as HongKongnese or Hongkonger but not CHinese. They do not wanna lower themselves to Chinese.

        • donal says:

          But according to the Basic Law of HK, Hongkongnese who are Chinese desendants are still Chinese nationals. And in light of Taiwan Constitution, Taiwanese are still nationals of the Republic of China. Like some guy from Shanghai, he simply regards him as a Shanghainese, but he is still a Chinese national. Please define what is “Chinese” first!

  65. pys says:

    Fuck china…communist–terrorist–thief

  66. The Pope says:

    Ditto with the above comment. This is absolute BUH loney. How about including Chinese hating China? They act patriotic but the moment they get the chance, wooo, they’re outta China and immigrating to greener pastures. How about including Hong Kong (I know it’s part of China) but Hong Kongers absolutely despise mainland tourists and Beijing’s interference. I don’t see the Philippines on here either. This just makes no sense. Why even use the word hate instead of saying possess a favorable or unvaforable view?

  67. Guern says:

    what an utter bollocks survey, i cannot believe any of the european numbers are true since i am european and no one i know hates china, they just indifferent and usually interested. This is a jackass survey of no value… i am pretty confident that EVERY country in asia, maybe excluding the Kim-pire, hates china far more than any western country where its bullying bears no fruits

  68. KalanStar says:

    China invaded Vietnam…. Yes China. Just like Japan invaded China… Or the Manchurians and Mongols before them… Time marches on… People have to let the past go at some point…

    Since 1989, China has been rife with “humiliation history”… The “sick man of Asia” has turned into the “preteen of Asia”. LOL!

    • WTFisSouthChinaSea says:

      Japanese invaded China, they lost and they stopped doing so.
      And China? It’s still invading its neighbor countries and shows no signs of quitting. Expansion is its everlasting obsession, greed is in its blood. No one can change that. Poor the country!

  69. Hiep Luong says:

    We’re fine with Chinese fellows, but their govement is really annoying I have to say

  70. Quan says:

    I’m a Vietnamese and I have some very good Chinese friends. Not all Chinese are bad and not all Vietnamese hate China. I just hate the politicians.

  71. KEN says:

    Viet Nam : Where?

    • Mi says:

      It you don’t know where is a country then open up an Atlas. It will tell you where. None of these people have time to teach you how to read map and where is something on a map ok .

    • Paleschenko says:

      sigh…. I am surprised to see a Chinese kid here 🙁 go home boy, ask your history teacher where your ancestors lost many battles, which country your shitty ancestors tried to invade to failed most of the times. Good luck boy.

  72. Francisco says:

    Indo 70%? LOL. Google search with keywords: “Why do most Indonesian locals hate Chinese descent?”

    I think all the world hate this country.

  73. Nguyễn Quang Mạnh says:

    Điều này không hoàn toàn đúng với thực tế. Bởi đâu có thể đánh đồng một suy nghĩ, một lựa chon yêu hay ghét trong một thời điểm. Điều này chắc chắn sẽ thay đổi. Nếu nước bạn dám nhìn nhận đúng sự thật. Quan trọng hơn là làm những chuyện hợp với đạo nghĩa.
    (This is not entirely true to reality. Whence can equate a thought, love or hate one option at a time. This will certainly change. If the country you dare look true. More importantly, do something with that direction)

  74. BinhBong says:

    Vietnam should be on the top of the dislike Chinese list. 😐 Chinese is a chaos toilet of the world.

  75. Arsenal says:

    I think that 99.99% Vietnames dislike china

    • Jeff says:

      Chinese do not care, they do not think Vietnamese are worthy to talk.

      • Daniel says:

        Speaking in such an austere and arrogant manner will not benefit your agenda. Please build a better reputation for China or else it will decline as like many other nations in this world.

        • jjboom says:

          the truth is, nobody really give a shit on what Vietnam fags think.

        • LU says:

          REALLY? Like now you told us notice our attitude of speaking after lots of ppl insult our land? what a irony! Okay I’ll tell those guys who shot their shit from their mouth: We dont care what your thinking to China cos we dont give your any shit, we are richer and stronger day by day meanwhile rest of you only have your pathetic right to be jealous.

      • QuiDo says:

        OH… Ok… please open the history book and see how many time china tried to completely invade VIETNAM but failed at the end? and look how much more your people comparing to Vietnamese? how bigger your country comparing to VIETNAM? lol. yeah “not worthy to talk” … right because when one lost so many times an opponent, she doesn’t dare to face or even look a that opponent anymore.

        • phrem says:

          Most country try to invade another country always failed in the end like the vietnamese tried to invade cambodia.God I hate you ‘YUENS’ with passion..

    • Indians says:

      1000℅ from India ?

  76. Nick Tran says:

    I hate China very very very very………. much.

  77. Songoku says:

    1. Japan 99%
    2. Vietnam 98%
    3. South korea 95%
    4. North korea 93%

  78. KalanStar says:

    Poor shitty countries like China. Rich affluent countries hate it. China is more like Pakistan than it is like Japan. That’s what these stats tell me.

    I know as many Japanese people as I do Chinese… lots. I have never heard one say they hate China. Almost every Korean I know fucking hates China though… So I think your stats are erroneous.

  79. Dislike China says:

    100% Vietnamese dislike China

    • Kang says:

      My Vietnamese wife loves me, Chinese man, very very much, simply I love her much much more then she does.

      Heel the hate with love…

      • WTFisSouthChinaSea says:

        Yes, but the healing process can’t be done unilaterally and it requires genuine sincerity, emphasize the word GENUINE. Can Chinese give us that?

      • Lisa says:

        Chinese is a greatest danger liar from what i see, always knife people at back. They mean in lying to get what they want and what they hate. Chinese fuck chinese

  80. Đâucũngcómặtdân Việt Nam says:

    Người dân Việt Nam ghét Trung Quốc như những con chó, bọn mọi rợ, bọn ăn thịt người, tư tưởng bảo thủ, quan liêu tham nhũng,…nhưng quan trọng hơn cả là hàng hóa Trung Quốc như Shitttt, nó tràn lan vào xã hội Việt Nam, nó độc hại, rẻ mạt, phá hoại nền sản xuất non trẻ của Việt Nam. Và cuối cùng là quân ăn cướp, cướp biển, cướp đảo, cướp đất.

    • John says:

      nguoi dan viet nam ghet Trung Quoc, nhung chinh phu Viet Nam dauco ghet, chinh phu Viet Nam la` dai dien cho dan Viet Nam. Bo toi lam` cho bo ngoai giao VN, Bo luc nao cung noi’ Chinh Phu Trung Hoa rat tot voi Viet Nam, xem Viet Nam la` Anh Em ruot thit ma`.

    • Vietnamese says:

      Nhờ những thằng AHBP não phẳng thể hiện ở đây góp phần làm xấu mặt người Việt Nam

  81. Chinese hate says:

    hey! Where is Vietnam? We then China really hate that

  82. Quan says:

    How can we stand higher than Japan in this list?

  83. Vietnam.hy says:

    Dear friends!
    Please also check Vietnamese opinions. I think Vietnam should rank second, just behind Japan among top 10 countries that most hate China!

    • WTFisSouthChinaSea says:

      Can’t agree more!
      Vietnam’s absence from the list of China haters makes me doubt the accuracy of this survey…

  84. Son says:

    Should you include Vietnam in the second group, since 100% Vietnamese are China dislike. No other country is being hated like that in Vietnam.

    • ron says:

      I absolutely agreed! I am Vietnamese, and I hate China the most ever
      I want to say that Vietnamese people not only hate China, but they feud

    • Lisa says:

      Hating China is in Vietnamese infant blood vessels. Shity chinese, Dame China.

    • Vietnam Lover says:

      And the irony is that 100% Vietnamese are ethnically Chinese and they hate Chinese for being more powerful and well off. It is not the hatred, it is the inferiority and jealousy of Vietnamese.

      • ARK. says:

        Even s*hit-dweeling dogs are superior to the chinese. HA. Vietnamese and the other SE Asians along with Japan/India/Australia/US will put the s*hit-born chinkies once and for all in their filthy place. AND btw IMPOSSIBLE that 70% of Indonesia ‘likes’ chinkymonkeys. Maybe the surveyor got it wrong. 70% prolly hate chinkymonkeys. porkistan is rightly number one. Similarly had the poll been the other way round porkis would have chinkies voting them their number one likewise.

      • Thanh Nguyen says:

        All your facts and arguments are all wrong.

      • Ong Trum says:

        We hate the Chinese because they are suck, always fake others products. Also, they fake other country people like “Vietnam Lover” to show their stupidity that make the world misunderstanding

    • phrem says:

      Cambodians hate vietnamese with passion.I hope China would invade your country soon.


    Dear Friends

    Please have you checked Indians opinions, I think reasearchers conservativeness not to include India, since Indians are largest China loving people


    • Rajiv says:

      I dont think you are right. On the contrary, China and Pakistan are two most disliked countries in India..!

      • Eby says:

        Dear Rajiv, and i don’t agree completely with you.. politics make a country name dump shit, not the people. So personally i would like to tell you hate a country government not the citizens.

        • Buddy says:

          Sorry Eby,
          but in this situation I think hating the chinese people is justified. Look at how they are despised as tourists, poor drivers, ugly women, etc etc.

          • Suri says:

            Ugly women?
            There’s a lot of thing that the chinese had done to make other people hate them but the women?
            God you’re disturbing!

          • Wendell says:

            The only reason the chinese are hated is because of the trung sisters, the vietnamese and chinese wars, and the senkaku islands. Oh, even tibet and falun gong are hervenemies. She is the most hated asian country in the world. She certainly isnt worst considering she never forced sex on captured slaves or even stuck babies on bayonets.

      • Vaibhav shukla says:

        Hi.i think no any indian like china just bcoz china always try to make problems for INDIA.i also don’t like her.

    • Dinagaran says:

      bullshit indians hate China like anything due to Aksai Chin and Arunachal dispute

    • manja says:

      I ndian donot like or love china except the chinese stooges, the modern Anti National Communists of India

  86. Matt says:

    Strange that Czech Republic comes 6th and Germany 7th, but I’m assuming it’s down to prejudice due to immigration. The majority of cheap restaurants in the Czech Republican are owned by Chinese, who immigrated during the communist era. After twenty odd years most of them still can’t speak English. I think a lot of the Czech Chinese immigrated to Germany after the collapse of communism.

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