Top 10 classic TV and film characters in China

What makes a movie great?  There are a lot of factors like touching theme, great plot and excellent acting, but great characters in movies really play an important part. Here is a list of 10 best characters in Chinese movie and TV series:

1. Lin Daiyu – by Chen Xiaoxu in 1987 TV series “Dream of the Red Chamber”

2.  Cheng Dieyi  – by Leslie Cheung in 1993 Chinese drama film “Farewell My Concubine”

3. Monkey King (Sun Wukong)  – by in the 1986 television series “Journey to the West”

4. Wong Fei Hung – by Jet Li in “The Once Upon a Time in China” movie series

5. Dongfang Bubai –  by Brigitte Lin in movie series “Swordsman” II and III

6. Wong Yung – by Barbara Yung Mei-ling in 1983 TV series “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”

7. Bai Suzhen – by Angie Chiu in 1992 TV series “The Legend of White Snake”

8. Chu Liu Xiang – by Adam Cheng  in 1983 TV series “The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang”

9. Xu Wenqiang –  by Chow Yun-fat in 1980 hit series “The Bund”

10. Kong Siu-yu – by Tony leung chiu wai in 1988 TV series “Two Most Honorable Knights”

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