Top 10 Chinese Lesbian Movies

For many people lesbian life is very mysterious, but luckily lesbian films help us uncover their passionate romance and inner word. Here are the top 10 best lesbian-themed Chinese movies, please leave your comments below and let me know which one you like best.

1. Spider Lilies (2007) 《刺青》

Spider Lilies

Spider Lilies is a 2007  Taiwan lesbian film directed by lesbian director Zero Chou starring Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong. It tells the story about a webcam girl Jade (played by Rainie Yang) who falls in love with a tattoo artist Takeko (played by Isabella Leong) and begins a romance. The movie won the 55th Teddy Award for best feature film.

2. Candy Rain (2008)《花吃了那女孩》

Candy Rain

Candy Rain is a light lesbian-themed art film directed by Chen Hung starring Karena Lam and Cyndi Wang. The film focuses on four intimate lesbian relationships in modern Taiwan.

3.  Love’s Lone Flower (2005) 《孤恋花》

Love's Lone Flower

Love’s Lone Flower is a 2005 Taiwan film directed by Jui-Yuan Tsao starring Anita Yuen and Angelica Lee. The film is set from the 1940s to the 1960s and the plot revolves around  a club hostess Shen Yunfang who tells her her past and present life.

4. The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters (2006)《植物学家的女儿》

The Chinese Botanist's Daughters

The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters is a 2006 lesbian film with the background set in 1980s’ China starring French actress Mylène Jampanoï and Chinese actress Li Xiaoran. Li Min (played by Mylene Jampanoi) works as assistant to a botanist and she falls in love with the botanist’s daughter. But lesbian love is forbidden in China and they have to face the cruel reality.

5. Murmur of Youth (1997) 《美丽在唱歌》

Murmur of Youth

Murmur of Youth is a 1997 Taiwan film directed by Cheng-sheng Lin, starring Rene Liu and Tseng Tsing. It tells a story that a friendship evolves into sexuality between two girls who work in a movie theater.

6. Intimates (1997) 《自梳》

The Intimates

Intimates is a Hong Kong lesbian drama directed by Jacob Cheung starring Charlie Yeung and Carina Lau.This tale of an undying love affair between two women across 50 years occasionally stumbles but ranks as one of the most ambitious pics, both technically and artistically.

7. Saving Face (2004)《面子》

saving face

Saving Face is a 2004 romantic drama directed by Alice Wu. Joan Chen plays the mother who becomes pregnant but is unwilling to tell who is the father. Her daughter Wil,  a young Chinese-American surgeon who falls in love with a female ballet dancer. In order to “save face” and avoid the taboo in the Chinese community everyone has to face the reality.

8. Butterfly (2004) 《蝴蝶》

Butterfly film

Butterfly is a 2004 Hong Kong lesbian film directed Yan Yan Mak starring Josie Ho and Yuan Tian. Flavia is in her mid-thirties and lives an unhappy life. She finds her lesbian passion reawakened after a chance encounter with a seductive female singer.

9. Fish and Elephant (2001)《今年夏天》

Fish and Elephant

Fish and Elephant is director Li Yu`s film debut. The film is hailed as the first Chinese mainland lesbian-themed film. The plot revolves around love story of an elephant trainer Xiao Qun from Beijing Zoo and a female clothes store owner Xiao Ling. The film was an “underground” production without the Chinese official support.

10. Chu Que Wu Shan (2007) 《除却巫山》

Chu Que Wu Shan

Chu Que Wu Shan tells a sentimental love story between a young writer Liu Yin (played by Diana Pang) and young female student (played by Deng Jiajia).

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