Top 10 chinese hot model girls

What’s all the fuss about Chinese models lately? According to estimates, China is set to become the world’s largest market for luxury goods in the next five to seven years. Even today, major labels such as Levi’s, Hermes and Chanel are customizing their lines for Chinese consumers. It’s no wonder then that a new class of Chinese models are stepping into the international spotlight, leaving even established names such as Du Juan to Lv Yan on T-Stage. Here are 10 most famous Chinese models in the world:

1. Lin Chi-ling 林志玲

Lin Chi-ling (born 29 November 1974, in Taipei, Taiwan), is a model and actress. Famed for her gentle demeanor and physical beauty, Lin has been referred to as “The First Face of Taiwan” by members of the Taiwanese media, and has been an official spokesperson for both China Airlines and Longines since 2006.Lin’s meteoric rise to fame caused commentators and scholars to coin the phrase “The Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon”.

2. Gaile Lai 乐基儿

Gaile Lai born on August 22, 1980, better known as Gaile Lok, a famous Hong Kong model, magazine cover girl and an actress, was born in Macau, and studied in the United States. As of 2006, Gaile was dating Leon Lai, a Hong Kong actor and singer. With this relationship, she became a target of paparazzi and the media.

3. Du Juan 杜鹃

Du Juan was born September 15, 1982 in Shanghai, China, she is a Chinese fashion model and former ballerina. She has been touted as the world’s first international Chinese supermodel.

Du is the first Asian model chosen for the cover shot of the French Vogue, sharing the image with Australian super model Gemma Ward. Meanwhile, five international fashion giants selected her as their global spokesperson, including Louis Vuitton, YSL Rive Gauche, Roberto Cavalli, Gap and Swarovski. And so Du was one of the hottest models in the world in 2006.

4. Lynn Hung 熊黛林

Lynn Hung  (born 10 October 1980), sometimes credited as her birth name Xiong Dailin, is a Chinese model and actress. Hung was born in Nanjing, China with family roots in Guizhou, China.  In 1999, Hung developed her career in Shanghai and became the second runner-up in the “China National Model Competition”. In recent years, Hung went to Hong Kong and started her acting career in the award-winning film Ip Man starring alongside Donnie Yen. She later appeared in films such as All’s Well, Ends Well 2010 and Ip Man 2. She has also acted in Material Queen alongside Vanness Wu in 2011. Hung has been in a serious relationship with Aaron Kwok since 2006.

5. Jennifer Tse 谢婷婷

yJennifer Tse or Ting-Ting (born September 7, 1982) is a Hong Kong actress and model who is the sister of Nicholas Tse best known for her role in Bruce Lee, My Brother (2010) when she played the love interest of Bruce Lee (Aaaif Lee) and recently Naked Soldier (2012) when she played a daughter of policeman who was kidnapped and trained as an assassin.

6. Patina Lin 林嘉绮

Patina Lin Jia-qi is one of the top sexy Taiwan Super Model. Patina Lin modeled for numerous internationally brands such as Escada, Hermes and YSL. She is now working for EeLin Modeling Agency Ltd.

7. Emma Pei 裴蓓

Emma Pei was born in Anhui, China in 1986. She began modeling locally at 19 years-old, and signed with IMG Models shortly thereafter. Within two years of signing with IMG, Pei was a runway hit, walking for everyone from Ralph Lauren to Diane Von Furstenberg. She also signed an exclusive contract with L’Oreal, and appeared in campaigns for Moschino and Benetton.

8. Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤

Zhou Wei Tongis one of the top models in China. Born in Gui Zhou province, she was an athlete before becoming a model. Talk about beauty and elegance, this girl is here to set you on fire! Zhou Wei Tong, a beautiful model actress, host, singer from China.

She has entered the entertainment industry in 2003 and up until now, she’s still as popular as ever. In fact, she’s being compared to Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-ling, because of her sex appeal.

9. Lv Yan 吕燕

Lv Yan, born in Jiangxi, is a daughter of a coal miner. In 1999, after training to become a model in her hometown, she went to Beijing and was discovered by a famous stylist. At that moment, she started her brilliant modeling career. According to traditional Chinese concepts, Lv Yan, now China’s most famous supermodel, is not pretty at all. Some say the narrow-eyed, flat-nosed and thick-lipped girl is even considered ugly. Nevertheless, that does not stop her from shining on the global catwalks.

10. Chow Man Kei 周汶锜

Kathy Chow Man Kei as the sexy star and sexy women from China. Kathy Chow Man-Kei is a popular Chinese model and actress who began her modeling career in 1994 and working in different parts of the world. Besides print and television advertisements, she also authored the book My Dream Wedding and My Style Guide: Kathy Chow’s Journey in Taipei which sold very well. Kathy Chow Man-Kei (born 1974), Hong Kong model, sister of the Hong Kong actress Niki Chow.

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