Top 10 beautiful Chinese celebrity legs

Long and slim legs are always an important part of a charming woman. When judge a woman is not a beauty or not, the number one factor is she must have a pair of slender legs. Then who is the most charming Chinese celebrity with the beautiful legs? Below is a list of the top 10 beautiful Chinese legs:

Top 1. Lin Chiling 林志玲

This supermodel`s  leges are dubbed as the “Asia’s first leg”. She once revealed his secret of beautiful legs. She said that her slender legs was inborn, but  diet, exercise, and personal care also played imporant parts to shape perfect legs.

Top 2. Bianca Bai 白歆惠

Bianca Bai is one of most famous Supermodel in Taiwan. Her height was 176cm

Top 3. Karen Joy Morris 莫文蔚

Apparently she has the longest legs out of chinese celebrities – 42inches or something.

Top 4. Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆

Gao Yuanyuan is a Chinese actress. Height: 167cm Weight: 48kg

Top 5. Kathy Chow Man-Kei 周汶锜

Kathy Chow Man-Kei is a popular Chinese model and actress, her height is 175cm and she has beautiful legs.

Top 6. Pace Wu 吴佩慈

 Pace Wu is a model and actress from Taiwan. Her height is 170 cm and weight 48 kg

Top 7. Patina Lin Jia-qi 林嘉绮

Patina Lin Jia-qi is one of the top Taiwan Super Model. Her height is 180 cm.

Top 8. Coco Chiang 蒋怡

Chinese supermodel Coco Chiang Yi started to be known when she joined a modelling competitoon. Her long legs, charming beauty help her stand out in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Top 9. Chen Sixuan 陈思璇

She was born on Dec 6, 1974, a celebrity from Taiwan, She is a supermodel of EeLin model company.

Top 10. Li Bingbing 李冰冰

Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress and singer  Height: 165cm; Weight: 47kg

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