Top 10 Banned Chinese Music Videos

Music video is extremely popular among song lovers. People like to enjoy the beautiful scenes as well as their favorite songs. However some music video present indecent or even pornographic performances which resulting in ban on TV. Here I collected some music videos that have been censored by mainstream media for being too “sexy.”

1. Wink《眼色》异色 – Yoga Lin 林宥嘉

Yoga Lin’s first album “Wink” MV has two versions, one version is called “异色”, which  has very bold love scene – two men and a woman hug together, a completely erotic seduction scene! The MV is unsuitable for fans under 18 – resulting in ban on TV station.

2. Guanyin Mountain《观音山》 MV –  Fan Bingbing 范冰冰

In “Guanyin Mountain” MV, Fan Bingbing and Wilson Chen both show their wet body on screen. Fan wears thin clothes and kisses half-naked Wilson Chen, a very tempting scene.

3. Never Mind《没关系》- Kenji Wu 吴克群 

Kenji Wu`s 2010 hit song “Never Mind” found NIKI, the knockoff of Li Yufen to show strong love passion. The MV was banned for excessive nudity.

4. You Are Yours《你是你的》- Xuanzi  弦子

Female singer Xuanzi also presents intimate scenes with male actor in her MV “You are yours” including kissing, touching, and even soppy scenes.

5. I Am Someone of Whom《我是谁的谁》- Huang Zheng 黄征

Huang Zheng’s music video “I am someone of whom” gives a bold love scene. The whole video is filled with sex scenes, presenting various naked emotional relationships between lovers. This video is hailed as “the bluest domestic MV.”

6. Loving You Equals Loving Loneliness《爱上你等于爱上寂寞》- Na Ying 那英

Na Ying is considered as one of the best female singers in Mainland China. However this diva also has some indecent scenes in his song “Loving you equals loving loneliness.” The hero and heroine have an outdoor passionate scene, which implies somewhat sadomasochism.

7. Love and No Love《爱与不爱》- Will Ng 黄威尔

Will Ng’s song “love and no love” MV has some bold bed scenes and was banned to broadcast on TV screen.

8. Silly Lala D《傻喇喇D》 – Meng Qian 孟茜

Meng Qian’s new song “Silly Lala D” was well-received around the country. But its video version was rejected by television station for the reason of “being topless.”

9. Love Player《玩爱之徒》 – Jolin Tsai 蔡依林

In the music video “Love Player” Jolin Tsai not only shows her naked body but also takes off stockings slowly on coach. All these scenes let our imagination run away.

10. 《So Good》  – CoCo 李玟

CoCo takes sexy route in her song career. She grew up in the United States, so she is apparently more open than average singers, In her English song MV “So Good” , she stages a lingerie show from the beginning to the end, her tempting swinging dance and her S-shaped posture …… Wow!

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