The most funny and shocking China real estate ad

China’s real estate is a hot topic now for its roaring price. And many advertisements can be seen in streets. Below are some of the most interesting and shocking ads.


This time we really make it bigger

 –Making the belly bigger often implies pregnant unmarried girl.

– The ad means they make the small apartment bigger.

2. Do not mention enjoyment of life if you can not afford the price.

 – The picture below the words is often used between 1960s and 1980s, It imply people have unlimited power and can conquer everything.

 – The ad means the apartment buyers should not consider the high price very much and buy the house and enjoy life immediately.

3. Each green hand should cherish the ambition like the eagle`s

 – The ad attempts people to buy apartment by giving them some unrealistic ambition.


China Real Estate ads

 The apartment price will not dive and it is just doing push-ups.

– The ad means the real estate price will not go down and it is just a fluctuation.


China Real estate ad

 Emancipate the mind by living in western-style house.

– The principle of “Emancipating the mind “was put forward by Chinese former leader Deng Xiaoping and followed by the reform and opening up policy in 1990s.

– The ad use the famous quote to encourage people to buy house.


China Real estate ad 8

 If you can not give her a former status then send a house to her.

– It implies if you cannot marry you lover then buy her a house instead.


China Real estate ad 9

 Want a fling?

– Do not know what the “Fling” means. It just make you thoughts throng your mind.


China Real estate advertisement 10

A man worth of less half million is not welcomed.

– When the house price is soaring, the real estate developer is also very bullish.


China real estate 10

Do you house keep up with your steps?

– With the evolution from a monkey to a human being, should you change your dwelling place from a cottage to a house?


It is impossible to be lower.

– I think you know everything from the low cut dress on the right. The price can not be lower just like the lady’s dress.


China Real Estate ads

For post-80’s as concubine (Xiao San in Chinese)

– Please buy a house for the post-80’s concubines and give them a warm home.


China real estate ads

 Ovary is looking for sperm.

– Means house is waiting for the person living in it.


 Free car and wife if you buy a house.

– Then you can kill three birds with one stone. Very efficient!

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