The Cost of Universiade 2011 Shenzhen

Universiade 2011 Shenzhen opening ceremony Shenzhen 2011 Universiade was prepared for four years, with one million of manpower and total investment exceeds 20 billion Yuan. For 4 years, the city has improved the environment, built large-scale sports venues, subway mileage has increased six times, and Shenzhen unfolded vigorous mass campaign for urbanization. Meanwhile, the city has repatriated the “security- threaten people” very quickly and “Eliminating the urban village” also became the event’s “standard action.”  The grand event is now all-round way; behind 12 days event is Shenzhen’s “cost” of World University Games

In 2007, Shenzhen won the bid to host the 26th World University Games. After a year of planning, Shenzhen Universiade Executive Board released the “City Action Plan”, which includes construction of road network, greening environment, security management, meteorological support and other aspects of urban development. The picture shows opening ceremony for 1000-day countdown and the “Urban Action Plan”.

new Universiade Village Shenzhen Until the opening of Universiade, investment in transforming and building venues and related facilities has reached to about 13.8 billion Yuan. 22 new big sports stadiums built, 36 venues transformed, and new Universiade Village, media center and other 4 non-competition venues were completed. The picture shows 6 August 2011 Shenzhen Universiade Village was officially put into use, the total cost is 2.4 billion

 Shenzhen Subway Dayun stationTo ease traffic congestion in 2007, five subway lines began to be constructed. On the eve of Universiade, subway mileage has expanded from the original 22 km to 178 km.

electric vehicle in Shenzhen2,011 new-energy vehicles were put into use to serve the Universiade, The 2,011 vehicles include 641 electric buses, while Shenzhen only has 4 charging stations, which can not meet the needs of the electric vehicles. It is reported that new energy vehicles in Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo are leaved idle and in shutdown state.

Shenzhen Universiade lanesAugust 4, 2011, Shenzhen Universiade lanes were enabled. 7 am to 20 pm from August 4 to 24  social vehicles were forbidden to run on these lanes; Shenzhen vehicle fleet is expected to exceed 2.1 million by the end of 2011. To ensure the smooth traffic Shenzhen call the car owners to report suspended vehicles actively.

Urban village shenzhenDue to historical reason, the phenomenon of urban village is quite common in Shenzhen. Since the successful bid, Shenzhen began to focus on resolving the urban villages’ problem. From 2009 until now, Shenzhen has transformed more than 160 villages. In Bao’an District, only the city appearance improvement investment has reached 4.88 billion Yuan.

Shenzhen street sloganDa Chong village project is the largest transformation program. In order to ask local residents to resettle as soon as possible, the government introduced incentives. For those who signed the contract before the stipulated date, they would get an award of 50,000 Yuan and a fixed parking space. The picture shows street banners in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, January 25, 2010,

farmers suddenly lost their housesMarch 22, 2011, in order to greet the university games, Xili subdistrict office, Nanshan District, arranged a team of nearly one hundred people to remove dozens of houses in Dakan village, more than 200 farmers suddenly lost their houses where they had lived for 20 years.

abandoned and unfinished building in ShenzhenAugust 1, 2011, Shenzhen Luohu district, a abandoned and unfinished building was covered by plastic plant walls. The local official said they had been planted ivy, yet not grew up, so they came up with this idea before the Games. During the Universiade, Shenzhen Municipal Government removed nearly 5,000 convenient facilities, including newspaper stands, telephone booths, breakfast cars, they also prohibited newsstand from selling drinks and food. At the same time, Shenzhen established 818 volunteer service stations for Universiade.

Shenzhen police checkShenzhen police checked all entering vehicles, vessels, personnel, goods,  this security measures even reached 500 km away from Shenzhen. a number of courier companies in Shenzhen even  were ordered to suspend some delivery service.

Shenzhen policeFrom January to April 2011, Shenzhen police carried out ” Hundred Days of security-threatened people investigation and clean-up operation.” In 100 days a total of 80,000 people was cleared in Shenzhen. Suspected drug users, women suspected of prostitution, accident suspects and others were identified as “high-risk security-threatened people”. The picture shows April 10, Shenzhen Luohu Port, Shenzhen police arrested the prostitutes.

Shenzhen public security patrolTo create a “national security” atmosphere, 500 thousands people participated in Shenzhen public security patrol.

Before the opening of the Universiade, armed police, SWAT, fire and other departments did dozens of exercises. On the opening day, Shenzhen invested 600 thousands security forces within the city.

Shenzhen Police is rehearsing to protect the torch relayShenzhen Police is rehearsing to protect the torch relay.

Universiade volunteer ShenzhenThe Universiade volunteer service teams consist of more than 26,000 volunteers, 250,000 city volunteers and one million social volunteers. It is said that 20% citizens in Shenzhen would join the volunteering service.

160 torchbearers took part in the 10 km torch relay. The picture shows a volunteer falls down due to sunstroke.

Shenzhen Bay Sports CenterShenzhen Bay Sports Center costs 2 billion Yuan and covers an area of 330,000 square meters and is taking shape on a vast barren land in Nanshan District.

 night  shenzhenJune 17, 2011, some residents of Shahe Street, Nanshan District, received a notice which requires  all residents to stay out of home and keep lights on at night during the Universiade. For five hours, residents could choose to participate in activities arranged by the government, if they were really reluctant to leave home, the government would send security personnel and accompanied them to stay at home. Meanwhile, during the opening and closing ceremonies, Shenzhen airport operation would be suspended.

gate to the world  ShenzhenAugust 12, 2011, the 26th World University Summer Games officially kicked off, 365 children is performing “gate to the world”, every child plays a “pixel”, after a long time rehearsal this program shows us a grand scene. The children practiced this for a whole month.

Shenzhen world university games flagWith the slogan “Shenzhen, and the world without distance” China’s first special economic zone finally stepped into the cities of “organizing world-class games”. At this stage, the government so-called “World University Games dividend” cannot be proved, but whether this more than 20 million Yuan Chinese-style event can narrow the distance with the world has to face the test of time.

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