The China’s 10 Richest Internet Billionaires

China boasts both the most Internet users in the world and the fastest growing e-commerce market. So it is not surprising that the country’s ambitious entrepreneurs rise quickly in the ranking of Forbes Billionaires List. Based on the latest 2014 Forbes Billionaires List, below is a list of the 10 Chinese billionaires in Internet field.

1. Ma Huateng 马化腾

ma huateng

Net worth: USD13.4 billion
Forbes ranking: 80
Position: Founder & CEO of Tencent

2. Li Yanhong 李彦宏

Li Yanhong

Net worth: USD12.1 billion
Forbes ranking: 91
Position: Founder and CEO of Baidu

3. Ma Yun 马云

Ma Yun picture

Net worth: USD10 billion
Forbes ranking: 122
Position: Chairman of Alibaba Group

4. Zhang Zhidong 张志东

zhang zhidong

Net worth: USD4.8 billion
Forbes ranking: 305
Position: CTO of Tencent

5. Ding Lei 丁磊

ding lei

Net worth: USD4.2 billion
Forbes ranking: 354
Position: Founder and CEO of NetEase

6. Lei Jun 雷军

lei jun

Net worth: USD4.0 billion
Forbes ranking: 375
Position: Chairman of Kingsoft & Founder of Xiaomi Tech

7. Liu Qiangdong 刘强东

liu qiangdong

Net worth: USD2.7 billion
Forbes ranking: 642
Position: Founder and CEO of

8. Zhou Hongyi 周鸿祎

zhou hongyi

Net worth: USD2.1 billion
Forbes ranking: 828
Position: Founder and CEO of Qihoo 360 Technology

9. Mo Tianquan 莫天全

mo tianquan

Net worth: USD1.9 billion
Forbes ranking: 931
Position: Founder and CEO of SouFun Holdings

10. Chen Tianqiao 陈天桥

chen tianqiao

Net worth: USD1.5 billion
Forbes ranking: 1154
Position: ,Chairman of Shanda Interactive Entertainment

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  1. Sam says:

    Indeed, China is really full of people with great potential and talent… Their intelligence really contributes a lot to the society – giving people jobs and the like.

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