The 10 Sexiest Chinese Celebrity Lips

A woman’s sexy lips are attractive to some hot-blooded men. Here I collected the 10 Chinese celebs with the sexiest lips ever. Check this list whether it matches with yours taste.

1. Shu Qi 舒淇

Shu Qi has very sexy lips which are considered as the sexiest lips in Asia. Each man will have a desire to kiss her when see her lips.

2. Yao Chen 姚晨

Renowned for her big mouth, mainland actress Yao Chen is dubbed the “Lady Gaga of China”. Looking at carefully, you will find her lips are very sexy.

3. Karena Lam 林嘉欣

Karena Lam has a big cute and sexy mouth; her body also exudes sunshine and vitality. She is definitely one of the most beautiful actresses with very sweet smile ……

4. Joey Yung 容祖儿

Joey and Hu Ge has a sweet wet kiss scene in a play and Hu joked that:”Joey has very good lips. They are extremely soft and difficult to forget after a kiss.”

5. Athena Chu 朱茵

Athena does not have a big mouth; instead she has a little cherry-shaped mouth, making men think awry.

6. Jolin Tsai 蔡依林

The famous singer Jolin Tsai has a famous song “Attraction of Sexy Lips.”  She herself  really owns very cute lips like the song name.

7. Ady An   安以轩

Ady’s lips are very sexy and they will bring envy to every woman and attract men’s eyes.

8. Liu Yifei 刘亦菲

Being a cutie, Liu Yifei owns amazing eyes and lips. Her lips are a perfect example of a upper lip being naturally larger than the lower lip

9. Zhang Zilin 张梓琳

Zhang Zilin is a beauty queen and fashion model who was crowned Miss World 2007, representing China. She not only owns perfect body, but has very sexy lips.

10. Ning Jing 宁静

If you say the healthiest and sexiest Chinese actress with foreign flavor, the perfect candidate should be actress Ning Jing. She has bronzed skin, super good figure, and a pair of sexy red tempting lips.

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