Tang Jun Admitted Buy Ph.D with $ 3,000

tang jun Fake Credentials Gate

According to Southern Metropolis News, Last July Fang Zhouzi accused Tang of making false claims regarding his academic qualifications. It has been 10 months since his “Fake Credentials Gate”, On 13 media said Tang Jun claimed to spend 3,000 U.S. to get the doctors degree at the California-based Pacific Western University. Fang zhouzi said in his micro-blog that” Tang Jun began to tell another story.”

The day before yesterday, “IT Times” reported that Tang Jun told about his studying experiences in the United States, recognizing bought doctoral degree from the U.S. Western Pacific University at cost of 3,000. Li Xin, the assistant of Tang Jun, said that the content covered by media was just a private conversation with media editor, not a public interview, and for the academic scandal, “Tang Jun and I had already reached a tacit understanding, I will not speak publicly about the matter”.

According to the media report, the reason for Tang’s selection of Western Pacific University is: “According to information from the university, the conditions there are are very formal in all aspects, more importantly, the university is also recognized by the State of California.”  In the U.S. founding a university must be approved by the state government. 1993 Tang Jun applied for the university. Tang Jun said that Pacific Western University “charge money depending on the courses, I do not need attend many courses. Common people may need  twenty thousand dollars.” 1995, Tang Jun received his PhD.

For this Fang zhouzi said through micro-blog that “Tang Jun began to tell another story. Is not Western Pacific University a bogus college? A doctor degree only costs $ 3,000?”

Starting on July 1 2010, Fang began to make accusations against Tang on his own Sina.com microblog, saying that Tang had written in his book My Success Could Be Duplicated that he received a doctoral degree in computer science from CIT and owned the copyrights to two patients in the US. He also pointed out that the two patents Tang claimed to own – a rating system for karaoke bars and a machine for producing photo stickers – are actually owned by other people.

The day before yesterday, “IT Times” reported that Tang said that he did not get a Ph.D. of California Institute of Technology. In October 1990, he found a classmate at the California Institute of Technology, for it is an open university, Tang Jun lived in the dormitory, everyday Tang went to the classroom with other students for lectures, to computer center browse on web and library to read, he often participated in some of the activities arranged by Chinese students. He said, “I attended lectures at Caltech like Physics, Chemistry and any courses, I also want to practice my English.”

For this report, Fang Zhouzi said, “In CCTV programmed you said that you only did some research there, now why changed to a ‘study tour’? Of Four great inventions now is only with one great invention left, and this time he explicitly said the Kara OK scoring device was sold to the U.S. Samsung, does anyone ask that company about it”

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