Shanzhai Mobile Phones in China – Top 10

Shanzhai cell phone, or “Shan Zhai Ji” in Chinese, refers to cell phones manufactured by unauthorized home based or small factories on the South East coast of China. They usually copy the design and the function of branded phones and sell them at much lower price. An iPhone sold in China costs around 4,000 Yuan, while its copycat named Star Phone is just about 1,000 Yuan.

shanzhai cell phone china

The word “shanzhai 山寨” originally means “mountain village,” but the term is given a new life in China. “Shanzhai” has taken on a broader meaning, meaning fake, unprofessional or homemade, a slang term for anything that steals ideas or styles from well-known brand.

In early years, “shanzhai” reminds of “fake products”. But in order to deal with the intense competition, Shanzhai phones makers are now making many innovations like dual SIM, loud music, terrestrial television and even a telescopic lens attachment on the camera.

Here, we take a look at the Top 10 Shanzhai mobile phones in China:

1. iOrgane

I am sure you haven’t spotted any Apple iPhone clone as real as the iOrgane from China. Hey, that’s not an Apple logo on the back but an orange…err ‘organe’ fruit. Its Smart phone F22 features GPS, 3.5 inch Touchscreen, QVGA 320*480, WI-FI, JAVA, Email, Bluetooth, MP3, MP4, MSN, 1.3 Megapixel Camera, FM,TV, etc. It would be better if Apple’s legal masterminds look into the matter themselves. Check out the iorgane in action after the jump.

2. “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube” Phones

The cell phones imitate the “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube”, which are the most famous stadiums for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

3. Shanzhai phone with big lens

Shanzhai phone with single lens reflex phone-camera, It is said the lens is changeable.

4. Copy cat of Godvish

It features gold-plated appearance.

5.  Lady-killer cell phone for single woman

The sex attacker will get an electric shock when the button pushed.

6. The longest standby time cell phone

It has 32800mAh battery opacity, 666 days standby time and 5 days for non-stop talking.

7. Cell phone in shape of rocket

8  The cigarette cell phone

It imitates the most famous Chinese luxury cigarette brand “ZhongHua”.

9 Phone in shape of watch

10. Phone in shape of Audi

Here are some reasons of buying brand phones versus shanzhai phones

Why buy a shanzhai phone?
“They are inexpensive”
“Do not need to worry about if it gets lost or stolen”
“Looks the same as the brand-name phone”
“Often have more functions than more expensive phones”

Why buy name brand phones?
“They have better quality”
“They last longer than shanzhaiji”
“Name brand phones come with a warranty and post-sale service”

“It is worth paying more, because name brand phones can demonstrate one’s social status”

If you were a young Chinese consumer with limited income, would you buy this cheap and cool Shanzhai cell phone ?

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    Got a new mobile phone, samsung captivate!!!

  2. simyo gutscheine says:

    i want to buy a cool cell… but without these sim card and without subscription.. could you recommend me a better solution then virgin?

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