Shanxi coal mine boss’s daughter’s wedding cost 70 million Yuan

March 18th, Xing Libin, a rich coal mine boss held a large-scale wedding ceremony for her daughter in luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Sanya City, south of China. The wedding invited a lot of famous stars to give performances, the total cost of the wedding was more than 70 million Yuan ($11 million), the ceremony book all the Ritz-Carlton, Marriot and Hilton Hotel and leased three planes to transport friends and families. It is reported that the bridegroom’s father was a real estate business in Hainan, and the bride’s dowry was six Ferrari. 

Xing Libin, chairman of Liansheng Group, is the richest man in Liulin County, China’s Shanxi Province. 

The photo shows the wedding scene. 

Song star Elva Hsiao

The bride’s dowry was six Ferrari.

 Pop star Elva Hsiao

Famous TV presenters Zhou Tou and Zhu Jun

Cross Talk show performer Feng Gong

Zhu Shimao and Chen Peisi

The wedding concert

Li Yugang

The concert program

The concert program

The bridegroom is named Li Bo, whose father is a real estate boss in Hainan, and the bride`s daughter is Shanxi coal mine boss Xing Libin, the man with glasses and in white shirt.

Xing Libing, a Shanxi coal mine boss with tens of billions

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