Shanghai young girls sell sex for pocket money

shanghai girl sell sexOn campus, they are pure female high school students; when walk into the chain-hotel, they change into a different face and become prostitutes.

Recently, Zhabei District Procuratorate started a lawsuit against more than 20 girls who were involved in prostitution and introducing prosecution. The case involved up to 20 teens, most of them were students at the school, and two were under the age of 14. Prosecutors said the case showed prototype ofJapan’s “compensated dating”, family conditions of some girls who involved in prostitution were not poor, and they sell sex for lack of pocket money.

Earn thousands through introducing prostitution

Xiaowen and Nana are neighbors from way back, PingPing is Xiaowen`s classmate. From the end of 2009, the three under-18 girls had sexual relations or introduced prostitution to many clients through network, QQ and telephone, etc., and at the same time they collected prostitution money and referral fees.

In early 2010, Pingping twice introduced Xiaowen and her friend Xiaomin to sell sex and charged 300 Yuan each time as referral fee. From November 2010 to January this year, Xiaowen Nana, and Pingping repeatedly introduced girls into prostitution and got several thousand Yuan as referral fee.

Lure the students to ‘date’ clients

One night in early 2010, Xiaowen called Xiaomin, saying Pingping had contacted a customer for her and asked her to accompany together. Both went to a hotel in Yangpu District and went into the room. The customer satisfactorily said: “Two girls are both good-looking, I take both.” Afterwards Xiaomin got 1,400 Yuan, and gave Pingping 15% as commission.

Another four young girls were also involved in prostitution introduced by Xiaowen and others, while they not only did not realize the illegality of their actions, but introduced their students and friends into business and collected referral fees.

“Some of the girls are deeply affected by decadent culture from Japan and Taiwan, their behavior shows the prototype of so-called ‘ compensated dating ‘, that is girls, often still in high school make arrangements with older men who pay them for dates and sex.” The case contractors, Han Konglin said girls involved in prostitution were from secondary school, vocational school and technical school as well as high school, they did not feel shame for sex-money trade. Some girls even took the initiative to “date” their clients when lack pocket money. Many of them were unashamed of what they do and would contact their customers whenever they didn’t have enough pocket money to go shopping, prosecutor Han Konglin told the Chinese paper.

Prosecutors blamed a lack of moral education in schools and families for allowing something like this to flourish. Some parents spoil or abuse their daughters, while schools ignore moral education, they said.

The incident has also revealed loopholes in management of local hotels. Motel 168, Home Inns and, Jinjiang Inn were all found to have allowed girls under 18 years to check into rooms by using other people’s ID cards.

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2 Responses

  1. Lorin Yochim says:

    The sole focus on the girls’ moral fibre is astonishing. In this whole report, not a single comment about adult men seeking favours from schoolgirls.

  2. Paddy says:

    That’s because China and practically all S.E Asian countries are backwards.
    Our governments/police would put 100% of the blame onto the adult guy and class the underage girls as victims. Over here, the girls are the bad ones and no mention of the guys.

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