Sexy Chinese Stockings School Uniforms Arouse Hot Comments among Chinese Netizens

Recently held a competition of the Chinese high school students` uniform , although school uniforms from the Yangtze River Delta and Canton are good -looking , but finally The Third High School of Xuchang, Henan Province, China won the best reputation among all, Their back stoking school uniform get highly praise.

A Douban netizen named Rutice launched the competition and hoped netters provide a School uniform that gives deepest impression. Webbers post a lot uniforms from Zhuhai, Nanning, Shanghai, Wuxi , Beijing, Tianjin and other areas in China

On the whole western style suit is most popular and skirt is commonly seen. Netizen Kana showed the uniforms from Zhuhai and Nanning, girls are fitted with short-sleeved white shirt plus short skirt. In Shanghai and Wuxi the old sportswear uniforms are also abandoned, students wear shirt, skirt, western style trousers and the like. Among them, the Wuxi Normal Primary school uniforms make a lot of Old Students feel envy. Boy is in pants, shirt and tie, girl a plaid skirt, shirt plus tie. After seeing this netizen named Onion sighed that: “Well, now the uniforms are really nice, I wore a red and blue bat-like shirt when at school, so I hated wearing uniforms most.”

 Among all the school uniforms black stocking uniform from Xuchan Third High School are considered the most dazzling. The uniforms are most closest to the Japanese and Korean style, boys and girls wear black-white edge uniforms with shirt and tie. From the photos two things attract the netziens most:  First is all girls are dressed in black stockings, second is traditional shoulder bags have disappeared and all use fashion bags or satchels. It is said that the design imitates the famous Japanese love game Tokimeki Memorial 4.

 From the Baidu search data it can be seen that Xuchang Third School uniform is a popular key words now, many users search for Xuchang Third School just in order to see sexy uniforms. A small part of the users think it is improper to wear stockings for students, but most think acceptable. Netizen wswym365 said that the uniforms look beautiful, the students are willing to wear the uniforms to go to school, it is also to some extent a encourage to study.

 In China the school uniforms used to be blue, green , red, sportswear , and students didn’t like to wear it for they thought it really ugly.

 The sexy high school uniforms arouse hot comments among Chinese netizens:

 Liu Guihua: Students now follow sexy style, nice to be a students nowadays.

 Xifan: Is this can be called progress This is backwards. Why to learn Japan and South Korea

 Yiyezhiqiu: In short skirt not afraid of wardrobe malfunction

 Laoli: Looks like x-rated movie scene ha.

 Anjing: This can culture their aesthetic ideas.

 Qingchou: Boys may do something if skirts are shorter.

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