Rivers become yellow due to pollution

Daqubang River and Baiyang River in Haiyan County are located in east China’s Zhejiang Province, both have nicknames of “the Yellow River” and “orange juice river”, the river water contains a large number of iron ion discharged by local factories, chemical reaction makes the river become yellow.

The river water is in great contract with water in the vegetable field.

According to local villagers, these days the water is not “too yellow”, it becomes more yellow when polluted seriously.

The green vegetables were planted just near the river.

The “Yellow River”

Villagers dare not use river water to irritate vegetable field, they can only receive water in the distance, very inconvenience.

Environmental protection workers are collecting garbage in “the Yellow River”.

Dead fish can be easily found in the river.

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  1. Some Guy says:

    I hope my vegetables are not from these areas!

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