Rarity of Foreign Girls and Chinese Boyfriends

From reform and the open to now, International love is always increasing. Generally people believe that exotic love is only a thing between two persons, others have no right to interfere. Yes, if both are attracted to each other and then love, then get married, Is not it a good thing?

The problem is, why the majority international love is between Chinese women and foreign men? Love between Chinese men and foreign women can be regarded quite rare.

If you do not believe this, you can look at the following pictures shot in the streets of Beijing. Or you can walk along the streets in other big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, you will believe this is really true.

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  1. guest says:

    Every culture has its strengths and weaknesses. There are some weaknesses in Chinese culture. There is a lot of emphasis on female beauty. From pale complexion to thin figure, tiny waist/feet, and other sizes of other body parts. If a lady’s credentials are too high, or she is “too educated”/has a PhD or has a higher salary than the guy, it is also often considered a minus. Men are not “scored” using the same criteria.

    Some Chinese can also be too calculating when it comes to choosing a partner. Chinese parents also tend to interfere more, which doesn’t make things easier. A lot of Chinese mothers encourage their daughters to seek men with the highest pay or fanciest house/car. Some Chinese men also have bad habits; once they get affluent, they have mistresses on the side. There are even “er nai cun”, villages for mistresses.

    Qing dynasty emperors, princes, rich merchants, etc. (even Sun Yatsen?) were used to having multiple wives/mistresses. While if you look at former French, German, other Western monarchs/nobles, this practice is highly atypical. While there are rich Westerners with mistresses, this is not as common. Probably more limited to celebrities, a number of historical classical composers, etc. No woman would see a man who favors multiple women as an ideal partner.

    Chinese men (and women) seem very critical of women’s outer appearances. There is such a huge public uproar over actress Michelle Chen Yanxi’s 46 kg weight and other image-related issues. Not to mention the not-so-polite name-calling that ensued. (“Xiao long bao”).

    While this is not always true, this is still often worth observing: There is often more to a man than his wealth or earning potential. Just like there is more to a woman than her looks, or lack thereof.

  2. primepeng says:

    Still being or living with foreign lifestyle is much better because of freedom to decide things for themselves without the confinement to family and relatives rules and demand. I mean mind their own one blood kind chinese traditional business. Why the chinese is behaving the same,eating the same old uncreative food,saying the same thing,overattached to figures meaninglessly, expecting you to becone more like chinese and not like a person, etc

    btw when I look at the pictures above, I can tell that some of these women had the looks that may not attract their own kind and are fortunate to be loved by foreigners. Also some would prefer foreigners over own kind because of the commitment and accompaniment by a person they can trust.

  3. Thakster says:

    The thing is all 12 of the pics above showing Chinese or Asian girls with Laowei, I honestly wouldn’t even look at in real life. They are very plain looking at best and bordering on being below average looking. Which is fine because they need love and attention just as we all do. So all power to them.

    In the West, if you want a Western girl it isn’t difficult at all. Many of them smile and give me the signs that they are interested. On a daily basis, mind you.
    Do not be intimidated. And even if you are, so what. Try and approach them and if you fail, try again. Keep on trying until you get the hang of it. Like diving into a swimming pool. At first it may be scary but after a couple of tries, you’ll get the hang of it.

    In the West there’s a saying, ‘grow a set’ means take a deep breath and just dive in. If you have the gonads you will be rewarded. If you don’t then there’s another Western saying, ‘tough titties” means, oh well. Too bad. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So grow a set and man up! Step up and walk over to the diving board and take the plunge! Choose your target and happy hunting! Bring another friend so you can support each other and go over the strategy. It’s a lot of fun and you will have a very good time.


  4. youguysaredumb says:

    uh foreign women are also BIGGER than most asian men. MOST women do NOT want to be larger than their boyfriends.

  5. tom says:

    Don’t feel any loss guy..By the pics you are actually winning. White losers with ugly Asian girls obsessions. Bwahahahhaha

  6. AustguyTang says:

    This article is stupid!!! And another example of promoting racism.

    The story is not based on actual facts & figures and is based on one writers observation. True, there are more foreign male with Chinese female IN CHINA!! But what are the percentages of male compared to female who actually visits China?? Not only that, how many Chinese men do actually try to court Caucasian woman? No many since many have the false idea of being inferior and a-lot cannot assimilate into the western culture.

    Most Caucasian male when trying to court an Asian female do go out of the way to adapt to the culture and even language.

    I am Chinese but was fortunate enough to grow up overseas and I have seen numerous Caucasian woman with Asian men because I’m not IN CHINA!!!

    Come on Chinese Men, stop feeling so inferior!! go out there and get it!!!

    • Julia says:

      There are more foreign women than just Caucasian. Asian men’s fascination with Caucasian women is beyond me. It’s actually pretty sad because I know plenty of non Caucasian female foreigners that would enjoy dating someone outside there race. Especially Chinese.

  7. Some Guy says:

    we can all agree that Chinese men and foreign men have a different taste in Chinese women.

  8. Rob says:

    What? haha….gives us a break!?!JeeZ.
    Stop STEREOTYPING…all of us “foreigners” as the same.
    I wasn’t going to bother about replying but then i thought..
    No, time to put the record straight and a few facts.
    Where do you get your statistics from? Who cares if all your
    seeing in , Beijing for example, mostly Chinese and Foreign men.
    I noticed all your photos above, and i can “TELL” immediately that
    just about all of those are genuine,in love, couples.
    How? Look at the Chinese girls.My Chinese wife said most of those
    girls (she looked at these photos) are ‘very’ average looking and
    could even be called ugly by most Chinese men.
    I will be living in China soon myself and its NOTHING to do with
    the fact that im ugly , poor and miserable. haha!!
    I make several thousand a month online,have a caring loving amazing
    wife and Chinese friends and family, and i love the Chinese people, cultural and LAID BACK life style of where she lives.
    Sure there are sex-tourists there and they’re despicable low life maggots but hey?? They are EVERYWHERE…we have them in Australia here, they’re in America,UK…everywhere. I think because the population of 1Billion its easy to make a call like that but in reality more Foreigners are gong to Bangkok, Thailand and other Asian countries, even Japan…not just China.
    And age gap? not an issue..My wife said to me, regarding my 12+ age gap that “..there’s no guarantee of a happy marriage at any age, it takes 2 people to work at it, together.”
    You know…you wont find me complaining at all the 100,000+ Chinese living here in Australia, buying up all our real estate and settling down in our country, we dont complain about you at all.
    Oh…let me ask you, what type of “CHINESE GIRL” are these men going after? We have those “girls” here in Australia too…we call them sluts, i am sure that even a small percentage of slutty Chinese girls seems like millions to you but i am sure there are not that many.
    maybe they all live next door to you, now HAT would Pi$$ me off too LOL.
    Look, a large percentage of foreign men,LIKE ME, came looking for a traditional loving Chinese woman because the FACTS are women in my country are (i better not say) but fat, ugly and do not look after themselves, smoke all the time, swear, are rude, disrespectful etc..
    Most Chinese woman are NOT like this at all, something that is VERY ATTRACTIVE to Foreign men, believe me.
    My wife i think , to me, is adorable and cute and sexy.BUT i showed some Chinese men, who i did not know, a photo of my wife…they all said she is fairly average. WHAT???? See….most foreigners find what YOU CALL AVERAGE as very cute. But that’s just on the surface.
    Their inner world is what attracted me to her.

    Anyway, were not all the same, scumbags are in every country and handsome men HERE find it hard to get “committed loving caring women” in their own country.
    BESIDES, some men like foreign ladies, some ladies like black men, some women like women….who are we to judge,
    take care,

  9. Dan says:

    I’ve seen a lot of Chinese girls in London with UK boyfriends. Chinese girlfriends are very popular these days.

  10. Some Guy says:

    This is a common problem in North America as well, where majority of the couples I encountered are Chinese girls + foreign men. having lived abroad for so many years, and had many long discussion with friends (foreigner and Chinese) about this topic in the past. I can conclude that foreign women have almost zero interest in Chinese men, because most western girls have this racial discrimination encoded in their thought that Chinese men are inferior to western men in almost every aspect – partly we have to blame medias such as TV and movies to enforce these ideas(where Chinese men are always stereotyped as being short, weak, ugly, cheap, and sissy(娘))

    the reason for Chinese women+ foreign men couple is that foreigners put very high importance on appearance, where the foreign men can accept their opposite to be much smaller than them, and thinks that Chinese girls are generally cute and pretty, but the foreign women likes large and strong men, and thinks that the Chinese men are small and ugly, and basically this “made in china” flag pops in their mind when they see an Asian men.

    So for this reason, many of us good Chinese men cannot find a girl abroad, this is truly disappointing, because the foreign girls do not like us, and our own Chinese girls abroad also do not like us either! they all cling onto the foreign men like magnets. what can Chinese men abroad do? Nothing! No choice but to 打光棍儿.

    Chinese men and foreign girls can become good friends, mostly because the Chinese men serves as comical relief for the girls, but no sexual interest is there. The foreign men views Chinese girls as a sexual toy, many foreign men told me that they just want to come to china to “fuck girls”, and surprisingly, the Chinese girls in China let them do exactly that. There is so much bias in a Chinese girls’ view of foreign men (again emphasized by movies and TVs) sees a foreign men, and automatically thinks he is rich and handsome and generally a big hero, even if this foreign men is one of the most oldest, cheapest and ugliest looking men in America.

    Let me tell you sticky chinese girls, most foreign men in china are trash (there are exceptions but that’s a topic for another day), they cannot survive in their own foreign country, they have no money, and come to china to 混日子(also known as “teach English”), and their main goal is to screw as many Chinese girls they can before they leave. and as soon as they get out of the airport, they are treated as 贵宾, but in fact, they are the lowest form of society in their own country.

    so next time, Chinese girls, take care before you girls jump towards a foreign men thinks you hit a gold mine.

  11. Some Guy says:

    wow these foreigners really do have “heavy” taste

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