Post 90s migrant working girls contribute youth to clothing factory

Chinese post 90s migrant workers youth to factory This is a post from, recording whole day work of a Chinese migrant girl in a clothing factory, a touching story!!!

My girlfriend is an ordinary person and has been working in a garment factory for nearly four years, she has dedicated her youth to this clothes factory. She almost has no rest days, only one day off each month, she needn’t work overtime every Saturday night, for other days she works from 8.a.m to For more than a thousand days and night, every day is busy; I do not know how she gets through this. We cannot spend every happy weekend like other lovers, as she doesn’t have much time to accompany me, but I know she doesn’t mean not to care about me, the job doesn’t allow her, we can only count on Saturday night to date, although a short time but we cherish it very much.

Girls working in the clothes factory are very laborious, every day apart from their colleagues is the endless piles of fabric and electric machine, they will not tell anyone that how tired everyday, how hard the work is, they just bury the feelings in the heart, because they know only insiders understand their grief and helplessness.

At weekend I went to visit my girlfriend, wanted to experience her hard work. Because the boss and I are villagers, it is easier for me to obtain approval to shoot, and then I recorded her whole day’s work.

This is a punch machine, although only a few workers, regulations are complete.

This is girlfriend’s work position; each worker has a fixed one.

This is the electric machine, I am an outsider, neither understand nor use it. There is already a lot of hair on the cloth; while they just start working for a while.

As most employees are boss’s villagers and very familiar, on the premise of not affecting work, listening to music is permitted, the speaker is my gift for her, let her can listen to songs and relax in spare time.

Today her work was making sleeves; she said it was the simplest.

Needle just passes hand; if it’s me I dare not do this for fear of injuring my hand. Ha-ha.

Her speed was too fast to see, after all, she has done this for a long time, practice makes perfect.

Other colleagues are busy with their own things, because the goods are urgent wanted.

This is the production line; a piece of clothing has to be completed through many people’s hands.

A colleague gives finished goods to other colleague; making a dress is not simple.

Fix the front part first.

Straighten the two pieces of cloth, it becomes straight line this way

Master walks from time to time, check if there is any problem to solve.

A colleague has a question and is asking the master, master is answering it patiently

Of course the master is not just walking and checking, he has to do some work.

Master is checking if the dress is qualified, it seems she has to rework, and the most painful thing is to rework. The shop is small, but it has all departments

Here is a cloth-cutting department, the two little girls are listening to songs with a speaker, this is not children workers, they are boss’s two daughters, and spend summer vacation here and just give a hand.

Here is to check the quality of clothes, the clothes with problems need reworking, Business needs reputation, or else no one is willing to cooperate with you.

This dress is very beautiful, every girl in beautiful clothes, you do not forget, girls at your age are contributing their youth in a garment factory, They also like to dress up, but their beauty can only be seen by fabrics and electric machines.

Cut off the extra thread, this cannot rely on machine; workers pick it piece by piece.

This is the clothes-ironing procedure, then clothes can be packaged and shipped, a piece of clothing really takes a lot of hard work.

This is a good friend of my girlfriend, she is working while listening to music, it is good to hear so many songs, but the sounds are a bit complicated, I do not know whose song to listen to.

After finishing the sleeve they have to sew sleeves onto clothes.

I sat there the whole morning, there is not sofa like your working place, no chairs with back, only a square stool, they sit there every day from morning to night, now I finally realize their work is hard, only one word can describe- tired.

12:00, time for lunch.

Their food, they can have as much as they can, but waste is not allowed, food does not come easy.

After lunch, she should have gone to have a rest in dormitory, but since I came she came to the shop to accompany me.

I let her have a rest on the table, or else she may dose off during afternoon work, they stay up late and get up early, she will use phone at the break time, no TV here, no time to go to internet cafe, she can only use mobile phone to look at her cyber space, and chat with friends online, it is the only way to communicate with the outside world.

Some very hard working people even work when others have rest. They get piece rate wage, more pieces means more money, and it is not easy to earn a living.

1:30pm, people came to work one by one.

These goods need to be finished this afternoon, endless piles of fabric, they have to repeat this thousands of times every day, how can they not bother it.

No way, they have to work; this is the helplessness in the garment factory.

Something terrible happened she sewed a wrong line, now she has to rework, the most troublesome thing.

Today’s outcome, these fabrics are finally done, but no rest.

New fabric come again, different fabrics need different lines.

They have to write the number of completed pieces, and summary at the end of the moth.

Sometimes they also exchange skills with colleagues, and then they can do better.

5:30 p.m. and finally they are off work, and call it a day.

I sat there for the whole afternoon and had been listening to songs, though it was very boring, it was good to accompany her for the whole day and felt her feelings, and perhaps only through this I could understand her better.

I took them to restaurant to have more food, they work so hard and occasionally still they can eat something good, only half an hour eating, after meal, They went to work overtime again.

They are always busy, even meal time is pressed, At last I end this with a few words from my girl friend:

If your girlfriend works in a garment factory, Do not blame her if she refuses to play with you, it is not she does not love you, she really has no time.

If your girlfriend works in a garment factory, when she complains to you about her hard work, do not bother her either, because she is really tired, she will speak to you that only you can give her comfort.

If your girlfriend works in a garment factory, you must care more about her, a phone call, even if a small text message can make her very happy.

If your girlfriend works in a garment factory, please love her well and cherish he because she is very simple, silly, can not afford any hurt.

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  1. Amska says:

    Wow that’s all I can say and we complain when we do 8hrs shift with two 15mins break and one 30mins break with two days off in a week

  2. China Whisper says:

    I just did the translation, no changes. the original article link is

  3. Some Guy says:

    did you translate this? or just repost?

    either way, very moving article! support.

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