Pictures: farmer’s self made plane

Li Jingchun and his self made plane

Li Jingchun, a 58-year-old farmer, sprays paints onto his self-made aircraft on top of his house in Xiahe village located in Shenyang,Liaoningprovince. The 5m long,1.5m wide plane, mostly made of recycled iron plates, cost the aircraft enthusiast and his family two years and more than 40,000 yuan ($6,349)

February 28,XiaheVillage in Shenyang, Li Jingchun was building his aircraft manually with family.

The 5m long,1.5m wide plane is mostly made of recycled iron plates

Inside the cabin of the aircraft

Li Jingchun is painting the aircraft.

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  1. Some Guy says:

    oh and should I add, there’s a reason why heavier-than-air planes are made out of mostly WOOD and ALUMINUM, because if what you translate is true, IRON is simply to heavy, and does not offer enough “flex” to withstand the amount of force sustained by the plane.

  2. Some Guy says:


    This ‘thing’ isn’t going to fly, are you serious?! I know because I was in the Air Force before. there are so many things wrong with this plane it wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the air.

    first of all, the wingspan isn’t large enough to create enough lift to bring this plane into the air, especially not with that engine made out of corrugated roofing materials. /laugh

    2nd of all, structurally this plane is a metal coffin, its lacking reinforcement at the most vital locations, such as wing joints, tail joints, even turbulence would sheer the plane into pieces.

    3rd, this farmer should study something called aerodynamics, the amount of drag created by the shoddy metal plates would destabilize the entire plane.

    4th, I don’t see how you can steer this plane, this plane is missing wing flaps, and tail rudders, how does this man plan to steer this thing???

    Your next news would be about how this poor fella crashed his plane to death.

    p.s. tho I do appreciate this enthusiasm, but I’m sorry this man is an idiot, should let someone who actually knows what he’s doing do the job.

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