Farmer`s radish looted by crazy people

A peasant named Han Gang from Zhengzhou planted 80 acres of radish in outskirt and had a big crop this year, each radish is over3 kg, but unfortunately the market for radishes was sluggish. He struggled to contact with buyers for many days, but buyers quoted only 4-5 fen per kilogram for wholesale price.  Han did not want to spend more money delivering the goods to the market, so after talking together with his family he decided to give away all the radishes to local residents.

Han Gang posted his idea to the Internet and one of the capital media published this message on November 25. Hearing the good news, many residents went to Han’s farm to pull them up.  Early morning the next day, his radish filed was full of people pulling radish, Crowds of people rushed to the field holding big knives to cut radish, they discarded the radish that were considered not good enough, and brought home good radish in snakeskin bags.

In a few days, tens of thousands of people came to the land to dig radish.

But what the family members never expected was that some people even dug their sweet potato away (It is not for free picking). Unable to stop this, Han pointed out their uncivilized behavior, and immediately took sweet potatoes out of their bags. And his sweet potatoes, peppers and spinaches were all even stolen. Many people took advantage of the chaotic situation and looted his other fields.

In the face of such uncontrollable situation, Han Gang begged people to show mercy: “Aunt, sister, uncle and brother, please, do not dig up my red potatoes and spinach! I depend on those to pay for my children’s’ tuition!!” and approximately 20,000 kilos of red potatoes and 60% of his spinach were looted!

November 26,Zhengzhou, cars and tricycles lined up for several kilometers

A police vehicle even appeared in the radish field.

Different vehicles in the field

Van even entered the field directly, radish seedlings was crushed into a mess.

Han Gang, the owner in his radish field.

Han Gang’s son was holding radish discarded by the people.

There has been a public outcry against the greedy residents who could do such a wrong deed to this kind farmer, and some even sent money to Han to make up for his losses, as they think the thieves’ behavior has sullied the image of Zhengzhou.

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