Over 30 “Chengguan” killed 17-year-old man, claiming beat the wrong person

October 7, subdisrict office of Guandu District was blockaded by more than 200 villagers, demanding an explanation. The picture shows the police are maintaining order.

October 7 early morning, 17-year-old Fu Guojun was eating in front a KTV in Kunming, and then he was suddenly beaten by more than 30 men in uniforms armed with steel pipes and wooden sieges, he was sent to hospital and died after ineffectual treatment later. A man who claimed to be sub-captain of city inspectors said these men are his subordinates; all are employees of a security company in Kungming who conflicts with local residents due to relocation.

The many trapped in police car is the person who claimed to the captain and employed by the security company.

More than 20 police encircled 36 men who beat the man to death and stopped emotional villagers.

Cuiwen Hao’s father said. “I asked why they hit him, a leading man told us: ‘You do not ask me, go to talk with our leader. We have beaten the wrong person, and we will pay medical expenses.’ They shouted the slogan ‘1, 2,1 ‘ and quickly left the site.

In later media briefing, the local police station director, Wang Jiangai said: As things stand at present, beaters and subdisrict office are employment relationship, they belongs to a security company in Kunming, now the investigation has been delayed, whether they have beaten the wrong person needs further investigation.

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