Nightlife Pictures You Never Saw in Shanghai

Shanghai is located at eastern part of China and is the largest city in terms of population in all of China. Known as the New York of the East, it is a center of finance, international trade, research, and culture; it is considered one of China’s most modern cities.

In addition to the towering skyscrapers and the rich’s extravagant life,Shanghai also has crazy nightclubs, chaotic nightlife. Through these pictures, you can see the other side of Shanghai-the city’s crazy nightlife.

In nightclubs you can always find people with different background.

You can always find beautiful modern girls in clubs.

Hengshan Road, Xintiandi and The Bund areas own the most fashionable bars and clubs.

It is estimated that about 80% of male nightclub and bar goers aims to find a sex partner.

Dizzy light, crazy music and alcohol together with so many dancing girls will make you feel excited and want to chat up girls. In Shanghai they call the process “撩菜” “Liao Cai” which means “entice a woman”

The nightclubs often invite some professional dancing girls to warm up.

The most girls in nightclubs are those  from 18-25 years old. They are very curious about the outside world and hope to get rid of the family constraints and find some excitement here.

The bars in Shanghai have three consumption modes: 1. you just enter the bar and buy drinks; 2. You need to buy entrance ticket and usually you will get one cup of drink with the ticket; 3. then recent popular one is called “Open Bar “, you buy one ticket and drink as much as you can.

The nightclubs may also employ some girls to dance in nightclubs and hope to attract more people. These girls are usually called “Little Bees”.

Some bars are free to girls, controlling the ratio of  ratio of men to women is very good way to attract more people.

You have to choose the right bar in Shanghai. The bar “Att ica” is the place for local Shanghai foreigners. More fashionable bars include MT、MT3 and Baby Face. The bars on the Bund often attract many foreign visitors.

If you are new to Shanghai and hope to have a exciting night,  check the 10 the best clubs and bars in Shanghai.

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  1. Fran Barr says:

    Hi there, if there are any single rich Chinese women between the ages 30-40 years and who are between the heights 5.0 to 5.3, please contact them and alert them of a single British male age 35 years

  2. Ash Moreal Jaafar says:

    I know the girl in Pic #5. The tattoo, the hair, the necklace….

  3. Thaxro says:

    nothing special, have the author never been to a western club?

  4. Sogood says:

    Yes, crazy poeple, crazy life. Shanghai is no different with other big cities in western countries.

  5. Some Guy says:

    never saw? really? I see these all the time, been to those a few times as well, same thing in Shenzhen and Hongkong, quite normal actually. look around, all nightclubs are like these, anywhere in the world.

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