Nanning Live Broadcast of Breast Augmentation Causes Disputes

March 18th, a Cosmetic and Surgery Clinic in Nanning globally live broadcasted a breast augmentation surgery online, although the video has been marked with mosaic on sensitive areas and the women’s chest, but it still caused many disputes.

Before the live broadcast of the surgery, the hospital’s video page has attracted a lot of netizens to gather around. The clinic revealed Wen’s identity and described her feelings, as well as pre-op preparations, and comments of experts explaining the procedure. Wen openly stated that she had reached an agreement with the hospital about the broadcast: “I believe the medical procedure will achieve better results with public supervision.” But the degree of openness exceeded netizens expectation.

The operation lasted about an hour and the clinic said it was a success, the director said simply: “The live broadcast was an attempt to give the public a deeper, more rational understanding of plastic surgery.”

For the live broadcast some people said they were angry about this. Teachers and doctors are respectable professions but in this video the clinic’s sensationalism in trying to make a name for itself. Hospital was originally a sacred place, no stars, what needed is to serve as true healer. On the other hand, we do not have right to remark the woman’s love for beauty, the essence of beauty lies in the mind, and she deliberately to challenge the traditional concept of beauty, we must say admire her courage to have surgery. But at the same time we must admit not all exposure can be measured by aesthetics, she just acted as a commercial test products this time.

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