Man run over twice to death, 42 cars passed by and ignored

March 9th, in Shijiazhuang City, capital of east China’s Hebei Province, a drunken man was ran over to death in the fast lane. However, within 3 minutes after the incident, a total of 42 cars passed by, but no one stopped to rescue.

The video shows that at 22:30, the man ran to the vehicle lane, passing vehicles had to slow down to avoid hitting him. At about 23:31 the man fell on the car lane. A black sedan car went very fast hooked him, but the dirver did not brake at all, after being dragged about 20 meters, the man was left on the roadside.

According to the monitoring video, from his falling down to being rolling over in about 3 minutes, 42 cars passed by, 13 of which slowed down the went around him, 19 vehicles rubbed against him, however, no one stopped rescue him.


4 Responses

  1. China Whisper says:

    It seems finally an ambulance came and people were preparing to put the man to the ambulance.

  2. China Whisper says:

    The problem is the man was drunken, he knew nothing about what he was doing, and some drivers already saw the man lying on road, At least people should stop and call the police . You know in China this is a common case, just as Chinese idiom goes “各人自扫门前雪, 莫管他人瓦上霜: clear away the snow in front of one’s own door and not to worry about the snow in front of one’s neighbour’s door”

    • Lorin Yochim says:

      Maybe the man was drunk. I don’t know. But also, I know this location. Of course some of those cars should have stopped. But the police car that arrives at the end would have been sitting on that corner with its lights on, just like every major intersection in Shijiazhuang at night. As to nobody helping, what are those people doing at the end?

  3. Lorin Yochim says:

    Smoke, but no fire. Everyone who has driven in Shijiazhuang knows that this is a terribly dangerous location. The road is chaotic and headlights of on-coming cars are blinding.

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