Luxury government buildings around China

Fuyang city Yingquan Distric Goverment Building

Photographer Bai Xiaoci started shooting public buildings built by regional governments from October 2009. He shot these pictures in a hunting-style, and took huge front-side photos for government building. Two years, he has traveled to more than half of provincial-level administrative, north to Hohhot, south to Shenzhen, east to Shanghai, west to Kunming, In a sense, he has completed a style collection of Chinese county and municipal government buildings. This group of photo is named “Public Architecture” photographer’s website is

 Baoan district government building, Shezhen city

 Bazhou City government building

 Changxing Government building, Zhejiang Province

Ji`an County government building, Zhejiang Province

Nantong City government building

Shaanxi Provincial  government building

Taizhou city government building

Chengdu City government building

Hangzhou city government building

Kangbashi District Goverment Building

Ning de municipal government building, Fujian Province

Shangqiu City Goverment Building

Xiongxian City Goverment Building

Baoji Municipal Government Building

Cangnan county government building, Zhejiang Province

Dayang district government building of Shaoyang city, Hunan Province

Hohhot City Goverment Building

Kunming municipal government building, Yuannan Province

Ningxiang county government building, Hunan province

Shaoxing county government building, Zhejiang

Xiuzhou district government building of Jiaxing city, Zhejiang Province

Cangnan County government building, Zhejiang Province

Erdos  city government building

Huzhou Municipal government building, Zhejiang Province

Leqing County government building

Pudong New Zone District government building, Shanghai

Shishi city municipal government building, Fujian Province

Yijinhuolu County government building

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