List of China Universities with the Most Beautiful Girls

Chinese Universities are often not good at academics but famous for the beauties on campus. Here is a list of Chinese universities with the most beautiful girls.

1. Central Academy of Drama

zhang Zi Yi from Central Academy of DramaCentral Academy of Drama, along with Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Dance Academy are three main arts academies in Beijing, The Central Academy of Drama has many beauties and becomes more famous for its international film star graduate – Zhang Ziyi.

2. Shanghai Theater Academy

Fan Bingbing from Shanghai Theater Academy

Beauties in Shanghai Theater Academy show more south China characteristics, very graceful and pleasant. Its representative beauty is  – Fan Bingbing, the hottest female star at present.

3. Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Film Academy girls

Beijing Film Academy is undoubtedly a place with lots of beautiful girls. Many beautiful female stars such as Zhao Wei, Jiang Qinqin, Xu Jinglei, Jiang Wenli, Huang Shengyi are all from this college.

4. Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy girlsGirls in dance schools surely own super figure. Besides perfect body, they also have developed good temperament inside. They are lovely angels with both outer and inner beauty.

5. Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University girlsBeijing Foreign Studies University has a lot of beauties who are known to be very open. This is because when they learn a foreign language they also absorb open western ideas.

6. Shanghai International Studies University

girls Shanghai International Studies UniversityThis University is located in Shanghai and also a foreign language college, girls in the college are very beautiful and intelligent.

7. Beijing Second Foreign Language University

Beijing Second Foreign Language UniversityBeijing Second Foreign Language University has more beautiful girls than the Beijing Foreign Studies University. Most beautiful girls here are very good.

8. Hunan Normal University

Hunan Normal University beautiful girlsThe beautiful girls from Hunan gather in this place and indeed it deserves its reputation well.

9. Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Conservatory of Music beautiful girlsThere are lots of beautiful girls there especially in its art department.

10. National Central University for Nationalities 

National Central University for Nationalities girlsNational Central University for Nationalities collects the essences of 56 ethnic groups, there is no reason to suspect that the amount of the school’s beauties, the beauties from the college have different ethnic characteristics.

11. Peking University

Peking University beautiful girlsPeking University is the most famous liberal arts university in China. The girls in this university boasts both beautiful appearance and inherent quality .

12. Suzhou University

Suzhou University beautiful girlsSince ancient times Suzhou has been known for beautiful girls.

13. Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University girlsZhejiang University is one of the largest universities in China, there must be many beautiful girls there. Moreover, Hangzhou’s pleasant climate also help these beauties keep their good appearance.

14. Fudan University

Fudan University girlsFudan University is a comprehensive university located in Shanghai.  Female students there are quiet bookish with unique flavor. Their special qualities shape exquisite Fudan beauties.

15. Central Academy of Fine Arts

Central Academy of Fine Arts girlsThe unique atmosphere of Central Academy of Fine Arts shapes avant-garde, fashionable, and insightful girls.

16. Shandong College of Art

Shandong College of Art girlsIn this university you can find then most beautiful girls in Shandong.

17. Central Conservatory of Music

Central Conservatory of Music beautiful girlsFor girls playing music, if they are not beautiful, they must be fashionable, or avant-garde.

18. China Women’s University

China Women's University beautiful girlsChina’s only women’s colleges, many beauties can be found here.

19.  Communication University of China

Communication University of ChinaYang Lan, Chen Luyu, Li Xiang are all from this university, this is the birthplace of charming women hostess.

20. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Guangdong University of Foreign StudiesGuangdong’s eating habits are a good way to cultivate beauties. Guangzhou, as a large window of China’s foreign exchange, has attacked a lot of natural beauties.

21. PLA People’s Liberation Army Institute of the Arts College

PLA People's Liberation Army Institute of the Arts College girlsThe beauties from this military arts college features some kind of unique charm.

22. Sichuan Normal University

Sichuan Normal University beautiful girlsEvery Sichuan girl is good-looking.

23. Chongqing University

Chongqing University girlsChongqing girls’ beauty are well-known around China. And Chongqing University has attracted many local beauties as well as beautiful girls around the country.

24. Zhejiang Institute of Media

Zhejiang Institute of Media girlsRadio and television universities are always places full of beauties.

25. Xi’an International Studies University

Xi'an International Studies University beautiful girlsThis university is located in western hinterland of China. The beauties there have unique temperament of inland China.

26. Dalian Foreign Languages Institute

Dalian Foreign Languages Institute girlsDalian is a beautiful place and on the campus charming girls can be found in each corner.

27. Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Language and Culture University girlsMore than half of the students here are foreigners, you can find many beautiful girls from South Korea, Japan and the United States. Their temperament is very different from domestic girls.

28. Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Sichuan Conservatory of Music beautiful girlsMany super beautiful girls are from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

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  1. Jimbob Jones says:

    excuse me, number 27 is not chinese. i bereive u do mistake. what did i knew. kindness evokes kindness. xD

    • Bob Jacobson says:

      Well, the description said there are lots of girls from other countries. The article itself is “List of China universities with the Most Beautiful Girls” and not specifically the most beautiful Chinese girls. In addition, it must be kept in mind that not all the girls in these universities are necessarily of the Han ethnicity or even other ethnic groups having an eastern Asian appearance–some may even be Caucasian girls, from Xinjiang, for example.

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