KFC & McDonalds Fall into Food Scandal in China

Recently the two famous American fast food companies KFC and McDonalds slipped into food scandal in China and became the subject of feverish speculation.

The soya-bean milk sold by KFC was made of milk powder

kfc bean milk scandal


The KFC staff said that the KFC soy bean milk is made of powder in all Chinese cities except Beijing. The milk powder is from a Chinese brand “Dragon King” located at Hei Longjiang province.

The KFC staffs said that they had never advertised that their soy-bean milk that made of real soy. But they hadn’t told us whether the powder they used was made by the Dragon King Company. Media report said that the cost of KFC soya-bean milk was only 10% of their selling price.

The KFC replied that their products was of high quality and with reasonable prices.

McDonalds bread rolls exposed to the sun for hours

Mcdonalds bread under sunA netizen revealed in a post on Sunday that the McDonald’s Yungulou branch restaurant in Beijing had exposed cases of bread rolls to the sun for a number of hours, the Beijing Times reported on Tuesday.

According to the online pictures, several cases of hamburger bread rolls were placed on the road without any protection from the sun. Some of the plastic wrapping on some cases was even torn open, making the bread rolls entirely exposed.

Some 100,000 Internet users have viewed the post and most have expressed their concerns over China’s food safety situation.

Ji Baoping, a professor from China Agricultural University, said that intense exposure to the sun for more than 48 hours can cause microbes at a level that is harmful to people’s health.

Foreign brands should respect Chinese consumers

In many people’s eyes, KFC and McDonald’s are healthy, convenient and reliable. “Bean Powder Milk” and “Bread Gate” play a joke with the public. Is there any difference between those well-known foreign brands and small workshops full of flying lies?

Some foreign brands such as Wal-Mart can abide by the law in its own country; respect the consumer with the greatest sincerity. But once in China, they would inadvertently become arrogant, sometimes even wag the dog. If improve cost of illegal sale behavior like the United States, dare they not respect Chinese consumers?

3 Responses

  1. China Whisper says:

    Well, I do not mean to belittle any foreign brands, I think we should fight against any company which harms the interests of consumers, no matter its Chinese brand or from other counties.

  2. Thomas says:

    I’m glad to know Chinese brands respect Chinese and foreign customers! Never a scandal with any Chinese brand, they all respect law and take a great care, wow, such a beautiful day

    • Some Guy says:

      Thomas you misunderstood the point of this website, it merely translate the news, it just reports what has happened, and currently McDonald and KFC is under scrutiny, there are many times that Chinese companies also get reported, in fact, I’m pretty much afraid to eat anything outside these-days because it seems that no food is safe in China.

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